The most amazing places in the United States for tourists

We continue collection of descriptions of the most spectacular places in the United States, stunning imagination of tourists, who saw them. In two previous articles we have already described these unique natural formations like"Stone wave", "Well the Torah" or "waterfall Havasku". We continue this list, but first a bit of useful information for travelers, собирающихся в США. Оформление визы в США процесс хоть и не сильно сложный, but it takes time and a certain knowledge, therefore it is better to entrust it to professionals. If the visa you have a full order, then check out the below list of attractions (as well as the previous two). Perhaps, they will help to make you plan your next trip to the US or adjust existing plans. papakolea beach.

Is such beauty in Hawaii. The beach is surrounded on three sides by cliffs, but on the one hand there is an exit to the Pacific Ocean. Песок здесь имеет полудрагоценный состав – вулканический песок с камнем хризолит Издалека пляж кажется ярко-зеленым, and near it is clear, he golden olive. Sand color depends on the amount of iron in the crystal. Local Aborigines called beryl stone - "Hawaiian diamond". Hawaii - a true paradise, where you can sunbathe on the small pebbles, which are so popular in jewelery. Ruby Falls.

Ruby Falls - an underground waterfall, which is located in Chattanooga. To get to it, you need to initially get to the mountains, then take the elevator to the dungeon, pass a certain distance. At the end of the road offers stunning views of the underground waterfall. It took many million years, to the water to make its way, through stones. Water fills the crystal clear lake, falling from a height 50 meters at a speed of more than 1200 lit / min. There is a legend, someone like this waterfall was found. man allegedly, in the cave, felt cold air. Going into the air, he came across a waterfall. Falls was named after his wife Ruby. glass beach.

Glass Beach is located in the national park MakKerriher near Fort Bragg. The beach got its name due to the plurality of glass pebbles. Previously, the locals thought the beach dump and thrown to waste. With time, not harvested small pieces of glass polished by waves. Gradually, the entire beach was the, strewn with small glass stones. With 1980 , the beach has become popular among tourists. With 2002 year engaged in cleaning the beach itself is already the people themselves, area was cleared of debris, that nature could not process. Many people come here, to look at the wonder of nature. You can also buy souvenirs, local craftsmen made of a smooth glass. And keep in mind, what Туры в США из Петербурга можно заказывать в туристической компании «Конти-Плюс».   Начало статьи. Предыдущая часть.

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