on a trip to Miami Tips

We often receive letters in the mail with similar issues: our daughter (or son) We decided to spend their honeymoon in Miami, and we are also going to visit this city in November. But none of us does not have any travel experience in the United States and hope,that you can give us some tips for travel and that, any place in Miami a must-see. Well, Below we give a few tips. [caption id="attachment_21750" align="aligncenter" width="650"]Майами. Miami known as the Magic City / Magic City, Located in the southeast of Florida. It has the busiest passenger shipping routes in the world and offers a host of attractions, связанных с водой благодаря его тропическому климату.[/caption] I hope, that you are aware of, that Miami is a tropical monsoon climate, which means, hot and humid summers with short and mild winters. The hurricane season begins in Miami 1 June and lasts until 30 November, so it is best to plan a trip to the end of November. At this time, the weather is quite warm, and you can enjoy boating, sailing and fishing, that there are very popular. In the city and the surrounding area has many berths, bays and of course access to the Atlantic Ocean. Biscayne Bay is popular for snorkeling and scuba diving thanks to its numerous coral reefs. Miami has more 80 parks and is the largest park Bayfont / Bayfront park, where there are monuments and open-air market of Bayside Market. A few blocks north of the park is Bayfont Bicentennial Park, where the Miami Museum of Science and Art. Be sure to visit the Coral Castle, built by an eccentric hermit, whose name no one knows, as well as the, as he alone was able to pick up and move the blocks of coral weighing up 30 tons each - said, that he died, taking with him to the grave the secret of the construction of the Egyptian pyramids. Take a canoe and drive along the route from Chicken key to the Charles Deering Estate. In this mangrove island you will see sea turtles and various species of birds. The Deering Estate has many historic buildings and nature trails for walking, it will cost $ 10, although if you have a Go Miami Card - it will cost you for free. You can buy a Go Card for adults for 64 $ one day and 200 $, valid for seven days, it gives the possibility of free visits to all 35 Miami attractions. Gou map will help you not to miss anything, and save about 55 percent of the entrance fee costs. Miami is now also known as the cruise capital of the world, in which some of the busiest shipping routes passengers. So, has the meaning, consider a short cruise during your visit. "Cruise of Miami / Cruise About »includes three nights in the Bahamas, and prices will start at approximately $ 460 for a double cabin. Do not forget to get the ESTA (Online https://esta.cbp.dhs.gov/esta/) - Electronic authorization system. Know, it is the only official website of ESTA and the only possible use, All other offers are fake and are not associated with the US government. Приобретая авиабилеты в Майами из Москвы, should know, it is more profitable to buy is not a direct flight, а с пересадкой в Европе и для поиска дешевых авиабилетов лучше всего воспользоваться сайтом одного из авиа-агрегаторов, например Скайсканер или Момондо.

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