History of excellence

Few know, that this brand is the result of the collapse of the "Shoe Dessler brothers factories', whose owners, Adolf and Rudolf Dessler became the founders of Adidas and Ruda (later Puma). For many years, the competition for the title of best in the production of sports shoes not abated so far. How it all began. originally, company engaged exclusively in the manufacture of sports shoes, namely football boots. It is in football boots Puma win world championships and win at the Olympics. It was only in the 70s in the clothing with company logo equip athletes to participate in the Olympic Games.   The first recognition of the mass buyer purchased T-shirts. Iconic Puma shirt with two stripes appeared in 1974 year. One of the first collection of its brand, of course, are men. Sneakers, blazers and trousers Puma http://www.proball.ru/catalog/1105/ raise not only the prestige of the brand, but also sales. Speaking of pants, it should be noted, it is not just pants. Among the variety of products you can find extra long model, very long (with napuskom), shortened - ¾. Generally, everyone will find their. Narrowed and wide, with pockets and buckles - everything is absolutely pants are of high quality material, which absorbs sweat during workouts, but does not wet the fabric.   At the beginning of this century, the firm reoriented to a wide buyer and athletes, engaged in a variety of sports. Lovers of active pastime wins convenience clothes. After a few years there, and children's shoes with the leaping puma, created by the designers of the latest technology. The brand produces and swimwear, Shorts and Puma http://www.proball.ru/catalog/1086/, and clothes for children. Causes brand trust and young people, not much inclined to traditional models of trousers and T-shirts. It would seem that, simple thing, shorts, here to choose? But the brand offers extended model, shorts, underpants, Cycling - everyone can choose the flavor and in the case. Naturally, that every thing has its own collection of direction of use, in their development involves not only fashion, but a whole team of specialists: doctors, Technology, scientists, marketers, athletes. Everyone contributes a piece of his field, making clothes perfect.   In our country, the young people decided to wear sports clothes not only in the gym. Based on these market needs, Puma is trying to keep up with the times, doing things not only good quality, but also fashionable, modern and, the main thing, popular.

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