Feel all the charm of a ski holiday in the Czech Republic resorts

With the onset of autumn skiing lovers skiing begin to look forward to the beginning of the snow season. Some want to combine favorite kind of vacation with a tripborder, beforehand selected suitable locations. Among the most popular among foreign resorts Russians - Czech Spindleruv Mlyn, Garraxov, Liberec, Rokytnice nad Iyzerou and other. Some of them are in national parks, captivating pristine beauty of nature, and the people are so carefully entered the resort infrastructure, that have reduced impact on the environment to a minimum. Along with the special track laid excellent ski slopes for hiking, There are places for climbing.   Горнолыжный отдых Чехия http://www.sunrise-tour.ru/chehia/ski/ предлагает очень качественный, not for nothing that the local resorts are popular even among skiers spoiled service. In the picturesque mountain valley located in Spindleruv Mlyn, an array of the Giant Mountains is low, so the main track laid at a height of about 700 Metres away. In November, these places are pleased steady snow in sunny weather. It attracts tourists from many European countries, appreciating the level of service and quality of the ski runs. 25 kilometers of trails (one of them lit, that allows you to ride at night) service 23 lifts, and 3 of them - chairlifts, and the rest - Stirrup. In case of the warm winter, there are "snow guns", so the ride can be in any weather.   The same mountain range was the location for the winter sports center of Harrachov. There are several functions other than schools, where to learn how to conquer the slopes on skis and adults can, and children. Especially love this resort snowboarders and those, who prefer cross-country skiing. True, season starts a little later, than in Spindleruv Mlyn - in December, but ends up only in April.   Горнолыжные курорты Чехии http://www.sunrise-tour.ru/chehia/ski/ находятся в очень красивых уголках страны. On the slopes of Snowballs - the highest mountain in the state - at the height of 1200 Metres away, ski park stretches Pec pod Sněžkou. Here offer tourists and cross-country trails, and 11 downs, and 7 have increased the complexity of, and one designed specifically for snowboarders. Snow lies here 6 months of the year, so the ride can be much longer, than at other resorts.   And to relax after a multi-kilometer cross-country skiing through the snowy forest or downhill from the slopes can, visiting the spa center, that is, in almost all corners of the Czech Republic.

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