Holiday pearls of the world – Portuguese town of Cascais and the Philippine island of Boracay

That, who has been in Portugal, It will tend to be in this country again. Why? There are several reasons. Chief among them - originality: Portugal can not be compared with any other country, It is quite unusual and Climate, by nature, and according to local customs. Among the many amazing places Portugal's many picturesque and colorful places. One of them - Cascais. The city of Lisbon is the capital just 32 km., and the resort of Cascais - very prestigious and popular place for recreation and entertainment of wealthy people, It is becoming a place of residence even some royal families. Magnificent beaches with white and clean sand, eucalyptus groves, luxury villas, gourmet restaurants, world-class golf courses, famous casinos in Europe - all this always attracts millions of tourists and travelers from around the world. И как бы ни была привлекательна для туристов вся португалия кашкайш отели отличаются особенной изысканностью и комфортом. This resort city is one of the largest on the coast of shopping centers, and the ancient churches and castles make the city one of the most "noteworthy" places in Portugal. Cascais just created for the best and relaxing holiday: sparkling ocean, friendly and always warm sun, Eucalyptus invigorating air, amazing blue nebo.Sredi beautiful and wonderful holiday destinations in the world there is another amazing place. It is in Asia - a Philippine island of Boracay, which many tourists, visited all the resorts in the Philippines, find the best known resorts in this sunny country. The island is rightfully considered to be one of the most beautiful and colorful tropical islands in the world. Boracay has a relatively small size, its area - comments 10 square km., but its importance for tourism is huge Philippines, because Boracay - not just a beautiful and picturesque island, - a world tourist brand, а отели боракай отличаются прекрасным обслуживанием и доброжелательным персоналом. Goodwill is generally characteristic of the inhabitants of the island and all Filipinos. Low prices for accommodation in hotels and low prices for all - another feature of Boracay. Tourists come here from all over the world - they love the island because of its marvelous beaches with soft white sand, for exotic nature, for chisteyshee Sea. Lovers of marine nature just love the area of ​​Boracay for the unique blue coral. On the island is very developed beach tourism - Travelers have a huge selection: all kinds of diving, windsurfing, water skiing, yachting and boat trip, many other entertainment.

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