6 reasons to visit Lake Baikal

If you read articles about Lake Baikal, that, for sure, You know a lot of information about its natural surroundings. Of course, you can say for sure, that constantly come here crowds of tourists, to see not only theat the amazing beauty of landscapes, but also, to unravel the history and mysteries of this amazing lake. На сайте поиска туров из Екатеринбурга можно постоянно увидеть предложения поехать с экспедицией или же осуществить увлекательные маршруты, that will guide you through the beautiful shores of Lake Baikal. However, Let's list the main reasons, which should leave you hungry to go here. 1. Although, Baikal lake that is considered, it can also be called a freshwater sea. After all, it is so great, that accommodates a record number Freshwater. It can save a person from a shortage of drinking, if there will come a time. 2. If you have never seen a deep lake, then you will have a great chance to look at it. After all, no one has investigated its depth. Many scientists come here, to find the bottom. Maximum depth, which fell equipment, It is considered to be one and a half thousand meters. However, still it is not the last digit. 3. That, that the Baikal is very large and includes a huge amount of water, It can be said on the facts, that prove, that if in the Baikal water will not come, and will follow, it will take several centuries, to drain it. 4. On the shore you can watch the amazing trees. Their roots are raised above the ground on 2-3 meters in height. From afar it seems, it's big giants guarding the local ground. 5. Many scientists are talking about, this place came in the days of the dinosaurs living here. therefore, if you're lucky, Here you can find the remains of large teeth or tusks. 6. If we talk about the plant world, it really is amazing and truly unique. After all,, if you take combined tours from Yekaterinburg, you can not find anywhere else similar types. they say, that the plants are found only in the vicinity of Lake Baikal. You will not see such beauty anywhere else. 7. Interestingly, here are fairly frequent earthquakes. However, they are not very strong, so ordinary people simply can not see anything. Usually, you can transfer a lot of amazing phenomena, which can attract every person. However, you must see to this place, to understand, how wonderful it.

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