Aerobatic kites for your holiday

If you have not decided what to do in the coming weekend. Pay your attention to the aerobatic kites. What is piloting the kite? Aerobatic kite is a special, unusual class kites - kaytov.

The unusual kites is, that they were designed as special kites, capable of developing in the flow of the wind considerable traction, able to pull even a person. Imagine a soaring kite, which pulls a person or ship, like a sail. To, that it was possible to control the movement of a person or ship, this kite to be controlled, т.е. he should be able to fly to the right and to the left. But such a kite must be large enough. These kites are called kites. Yes, Yes, aerobatic kite - this is also a kite, but smaller, but still sufficient, что бы вы могли почувствовать силу ветра своими руками. It also allows to control their flight using the same technical solutions, embedded in large kites. But the fact that it is small, simplified design and affordable, его вполне можно купить в магазине пилотажных кайтов So, What can I do with acrobatic kite, what a thrill it? You control its flight by two lines, which you hold in your hands. You do not just keep a kite on a string - you literally fly! You can fly to the right and to the left. You can do the loop, fly up and down, eight, Nine and any figures, you are only in your head vzbredut. And with all this, he pulls you, you hold it with some force, that the more, The stronger the wind. Twisting the loop for a while you get a good fizzaryadku. You can try to use it for towing, e.g. roller skate or sledge cheesecakes. It will push you forward as a sailboat. You will touch the skies and experience the features of a flying object management, which in itself is a special adventure. flying object management is very different from the control object, We are moving on the ground, and you will feel it immediately. Aerobatic kite still has many advantages over conventional kite. Пилотажные кайты (or just pilotazhka) represents a wing - a sheath of fabric. When the shell is inflated and forms a wind start wing. It does not have in its design of rigid elements, this can not be broken. In addition, it is very convenient for transportation, because a sufficiently large kite is placed in a small bag. Size flight of kites characterized wing area. Wing area may be from 0.5 up to 3 square meters. The larger the area, the more he will have to pull. The smaller area, the faster the speed of its flight in the management of. Length of line from you to the kite is fixed and is usually 20 Metres away. Anything you need, is to pick up the open area and downwind very pilotazhku. It can be run on the beach, caressing the sun, on the lawn, go on nature, and even in winter, for example in the park.  

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