One of the main attractions of Valencia - bullring Plaza de Toros de Valencia

In Valencia, one of the largest Spanish cities, Rent is for bullfights Plaza de Toros de Valencia, a spectacular show where during the bullfighting not only attracts many tourists from around the world,but locals. Bullring Plaza de Toros de Valencia (Valencia) It was built by architect Sebastian Monleonom in the middle of the XIX century, and at the moment its capacity is 16 000 viewers. The diameter of this arena is 52 m.

This architectural structure is located in the heart of the city, not far from Valencia Nord Train Station. You can get to the arena on the 3rd or 5th line subway, You need to go to the station under the name of Játiva.

Together with seven squares rental bullfighting Plaza de Toros de Valencia forms a group of main streets, where, properly, and the presentation begins. Prior to the events of the street fenced wooden fences, after which bulls produce and pen. And at this time the runners are in different places of the race and wait for the start of this dangerous action. The distance from the pen to the arena itself is about one kilometer.

Annually conduct two major battles cycle of the bulls, which include about 25 productions. During the event at the arena there are only the best bullfighters. Usually, the show lasts for 5-6 days and is held in good weather. The bullring Plaza de Toros de Valencia can be seen not only directly itself bullfight, but also various concerts, which opens and closes the festival. In Valencia all spent a lot of original holidays.

The first cycle of fighting bulls begins in early spring, а точнее, in March, when after long months of winter the audience craves holiday. By the way, each bullfighter strive to get into the list of participants, as it will allow him to further increasing the number of contracts concluded and will provide a good season. Second fighting cycle starts in July.

Usually, bullfight begins, local time 19:30 and lasts for 2 hours. Tickets for this event are available on the Internet. It is recommended to take place at the forefront under canopies from the sun.

In early October, (9-day of) Spaniards celebrate the Day of the Valencian Community. Always in honor of this holiday, too, fighting with the bulls held. On this day, this show begins, local time 17:30.

When you visit the rental for bullfights Plaza de Toros de Valencia to visit the School of the Museum of bullfighters and bullfighting, where you can learn a lot about the features, rules and traditions of Spanish bullfighting.


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