Features holiday in India

Memories of India can not be erased from memory - this country, Perhaps, the most outstanding in the world space. Go to Indian resorts for different reasons, but most of all - to swim in the pristine ocean and taste the local exotic.

So, where to India?


Goa - India's most developed resort, but, Besides, he has a good infrastructure, it also is the largest. The length of forty Goa beaches is more 110 kilometers, Resort divided into northern and southern parts, in which there is quite a lot of small towns and villages. Given such a length, Goa can come every time in different places, for example, one vacation in Kagator, in the other - in Candolim. Relaxation Value Goa in different cities about the same, although minor differences do exist. Somewhere more peaceful vacation, but somewhere there are more nightclubs, beach discos and other entertainment. Generally, Goa is considered rich resort, and local hotels are of high class of service. In the northern part usually go diving and boating, and in the South - wishing well have fun at parties and other recreational activities. It is to these places that the most popular tours to India from Russia are.. Still, domestic tourists like to relax and have some fun.


Керала, Индия.Kerala - India's second resort in popularity. This place is suitable for families, and for those, who would like to privacy. In Kerala, many free beaches, where practically no people. However, it does not mean, that the resort will be boring. It hosts and parties, and disco, and many luxury hotels, but still does not have the scope, as in Goa. But in Kerala, many interesting architectural monuments, and there are two large national parks. If you are lucky, here you can see a leopard, Porcupine, jungle cat. Popular with tourists and mountain climbing, especially in the Park Eravikulam National Park, where is the largest mountain in India - Elephant. And, visiting Kerala, worth a visit in the mountain town of Munnar - it is located at a height 1600 meters above sea level, Surrounded by exotic woods and tea plantations. To stay in India was good and was not overshadowed by anything, should follow a few useful recommendations. First - do not drink the local water, especially from the aqueduct. Drinking not buy bottled water. And should refrain from swimming in different waters, but the ocean - in the water parasites inhabit the finest, which easily penetrate human body. The second - the currency change is only in local banks, do not trust private owners. After the exchange be sure to keep the receipt - it may be necessary when leaving. In addition, worth remembering, notes that India can be of the same value, but different colors - do not be afraid of. To go on trips or just travel around the country is possible only if there is a stock of local currency - in the outback there are no banks, exchange money will not work. Go to India is better with dollars on hand, Ruble local banks may not accept. With regard to visa, it will most likely be helped by tour operators in India, alone it is difficult to obtain and long. And in India better not to go into the jungle alone - wild animals there are many, so that reserves and parks is better to go only as part of guided tours. And do not spare money on the plane while traveling around the country - local trains are often overcrowded.

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