Hourly rental rates in Odessa hotels

Hourly hotels in Odessa

Odessa - a popular resort town with numerous boarding houses and hotels. More competition in the hotel business in this city has provoked the emergence of such services as a hotel for an hour.Rent of rooms in a hotel or a mini hotel called «fast love». But in addition to loving couples, who most often use the rent rooms, in Odessa, this service is also popular among quite ordinary tourists.

Pros hourly rental rooms in Odessa

  • Tourists do not want to spend money on pre-booking rooms at the hotel;
  • Not satisfied with a specific hotel location, and look for the best option, together with the things not very convenient;
  • There is no desire to pay for a full day, if the number is actually only needed for a few hours.

the hourly cost of renting rooms in Odessa

The indigenous people of Odessa say, that hotels, that provide a service rooms hourly rental is not really so much. But if a tourist aims to find a cheap hotel for an hour http://deart-13.ru/vykhino-novokosino/ in Odessa, it can use the information on the website www.odesa.net.ua, where there is a directory of hotels, offering its customers a similar service. Usually in Odessa hotels do not charge hourly rates per room, and offers its guests just pay a fixed price for a period of, which is 2-3 o'clock. Payment for the fixed period of time, depending on the level of the hotel ranges from 100 to 250 hryvnia. But if the client at the end of the paid period of time wants to extend the lease for another hour numbers, in this case most of the time each additional hour room rent will be cheaper. So, for example, if the first 2 hour room rental cost 200 hryvnia, each additional hour will cost 50 hryvnia.

settlement rules

Most, for registration of hourly rental rooms in small hotels of Odessa guests do not have to provide documents at the reception, which confirm the identity of. a similar service, as a rule, order contact phone number, and at the reception later called only name or nickname. The most popular hotels in Odessa, which are popular among guests and provides its clients with «fast love» are located in the center and the French Boulevard.

Apartments for rent in Odessa

The main competitors of hotels in Odessa, which also offer clients services hourly rental, apartments are. Daily rent a rented apartment in Odessa becomes an average 300 hryvnia. But with the landlord you can discuss the cost of hourly pay. It should be taken into account, that the hourly rent rental housing, as a rule, required to pay bail, so guests do not accidentally have disappeared along with the keys. But the key moment of the transfer to the owner deposit is returned.

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