Vietnam - the country of the sun, the sea and the unique culture

Avid travelers say: in anticipation of the summer break to an exciting journey should be prepared in advance, and better start planning them since mid-winter. Туры во Вьетнам туроператор может предложить вам не только летом,but in the winter months. So, very popular among the travel lovers to exotic destinations are New Year tours in this state, located in South-East Asia on the Indochina Peninsula. After all, where else, however here, you fall a unique opportunity to celebrate favorite holiday twice. Fact, that the people of Vietnam celebrate the New Year on the lunar calendar - in late January, or the beginning of February, so do not miss your chance! In the East, this holiday is traditionally celebrated for four days without a break, people go on marches, everything around is filled with colors and unrestrained joy. Right in the middle of streets and city squares bright fueled fires, and everyone can taste exotic dishes of national cuisine, cooked directly in front of him. However, в любое время года отдых во Вьетнаме отзывы туристов получает исключительно положительные. Everything is there for a good time - a delightful picturesque nature, mild tropical climate, wide beaches with pure white sand and amazingly bright, original culture. Travelers will be pleased with the level of service in local hotels, which is consistent with the highest European standards. Tired of the beach holiday travelers will find a fascinating excursion program. Throughout the country there is a huge number of well-preserved to our times majestic palaces, pagodas and mausoleums. Always worth a visit the ancient city of Hue, which was once the capital of the state, to admire the ancient palace complex and the city gate. Nature lovers come to the indescribable joy of the beautiful banks of the Mekong River, sung in the local epic, songs and stories. And, of course, impression of the country would not be complete without a visit to Ho Chi Minh City (the former Saigon). The most interesting and popular tourist attraction in the city is the Cathedral of Notre Dame. Majestic and grand, this structure was built in just three years and is open to public access to 1880 Year. If you are in the country in November, you should not miss the colorful local culture event - a festival of traditional music, You will hear the melodious sound of the national wind instruments, plunge into a real festive extravaganza, which participants march through the streets in colorful national costumes.

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