This amazing Gothenburg!

The city is located on the western coast of southern Sweden, in Kattegat, which originates the river Göta Älv. Scandinavian charm of the city is quite unique compared to other cities in Sweden,thanks to the numerous canals and connecting bridges, which extend between the hills of the city. Гётеборг имеет относительно мягкий климат. In winter the temperature never drops below -10 ° C . In summer you can swim in the sea, because the sea water is warm (about 20 degrees). Due to the large concentration of universities, and in this regard,, youth presence, Gothenburg является идеальным местом для проведения досуга по весьма доступным ценам! For movie buffs January and February are the best months for a trip to Scandinavia, потому что в этот период проходит главный Гётеборгский международный кинофестиваль. Sweden's second city in size and number of inhabitants, Gothenburg experienced a deep phase of renovation in recent years. It has historically been the most prosperous trading port in Sweden, and then the residence of the Volvo car company, based in 1927 Year. Be sure to visit the unique Museum of Volvo cars,which is located in Arendal, about 10 kilometers west of the city center. In recent years the city has become a place for gourmets, thanks to its gastronomic offer. Gothenburg fish valued worldwide, here its many varieties (from a simple herring to all kinds of shellfish) and it is always fresh. There is 5 ресторанов, received a Michelin star (the most popular and influential restaurant rating), thanks to the variety of its menu and very reasonable prices. The city is full of good bars and cafes. Also visit the covered market in the building Saluhallen, built in 1889 Year, fish market (Feskekorka) и крупнейший в Швеции рыбный аукцион. The city has many green areas with meadows, lakes, parks and gardens, Seen in almost all free. Парк Slottskogen, на юго-востоке города, It occupies a large area and has three observation points, which can be seen with a stunning view of the city. The most beautiful nature reserve Delsho (Delsjö) and Botanical Gardens Botaniska, best known in Northern Europe. It should also be said about the most famous in Scandinavia, Liseberg Amusement Park, wherein more than 35 a variety of attractions to suit all tastes and where to have fun, like children, and adults. Gothenburg, city, where the spirit lives all over Sweden, и где вы проведете самый запоминающийся отпуск своей жизни.  

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