"White resorts" Leningrad region: that they are ready to give admirers of extreme hobbies?

Winter - season boring and depressing? People, still think so, just never were "white resorts", I have not the slightest idea, like a lot of positive emotions you can get while extreme entertainment.It is time to broaden the horizons of knowledge - it is time to rest of the new format. Number of people, We are looking forward to the coming snow season, across the country in the hundreds of thousands. Traditionally, many of them live in the Northwest. Not fully correspond to the truth of the allegation, which is really worthy to spend time possible, Send only to untwisted resorts in Italy, France or Switzerland. Yes, runs a decent standard there are, it is a fact. But you can perfectly relax and at home. Those, who lives not without entering the blood adrenaline, who loves downhill skiing, snowboarding, sledding or "cheesecakes", waiting for the recreation of the Leningrad Region. On the territory of the region there are more than a hundred. In Soviet times yet it was only a well-equipped ski slopes, belonging to various organizations and agencies, later turned into a full-fledged resorts Sports and entertainment centers. Многие отели санкт-петербурга http://ostorovok.ru/hotel/russia/st._petersburg/ и прилегающей области с наступлением зимы бронируются теми, who wants to rest with dignity at home. What advantages do the snow resorts of Leningrad region? Firstly, for, that they go, no need to obtain an entry visa - enough to buy a ticket on the train or plane. Many people get to the point of a vacation by car. Secondly, the cost of staying here many times smaller, than in the resorts of Western and Central Europe (at a similar level of service). To devote their free time favorite hobbies appears in people with average income. Which resorts are available from the onset of winter? Near the village there are ski centers Korobitsyno "Red Lake", "Snow" and "Golden Valley". It is in the north of the Karelian Isthmus are the most extensive mountain slopes. Magnificent entertainment center "Puhtulova Mountain" opened near Zelenogorsk, in the resort area of ​​Primorsky highway. Advanced 4-chairlift deployed within the resort "Igora", that is the direction in Priozersk. Resorts in Leningrad many more - you need only select the appropriate it for themselves.

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