Israel has always been popular

One of the few countries, which boasts a year-round influx of tourists - it is Israel. Some people come here to improve their health, others - to visit the holy places and other attractions of the country.But if you are planning a trip to Israel after visiting countries such as Lebanon and Syria, in this case it is better to change your passport to a new document. This can be done easily, заказав срочное оформление загранпаспорта в туристическом агентстве. Fact, that due to the difficult political relationship between Israel and some Islamic states, the document for tourist visas from countries such as, for example, Syria, It can cause excessive interest of the local security services. But the visa to visit this country for Russian citizens do not have to.


Features of the Israeli cuisine

All Jews adhere to the rules of kosher cuisine food. The main limitations of this power - is a complete absence of dishes from pork and seafood. The only exception is that fish, that which has scales. But dairy and meat dishes in restaurants kosher cuisine are only sold separately. But such restrictions do not mean, that Kosher less diverse, than the rest of the world cuisine.


Main attractions Israel

Вифлеем.people, who visit this country, different goals. But if you go to Israel to relax, the must-see attractions of the country as a:

  1. Nazareth. City, wherein the biblical tradition passed the childhood of Jesus. There are many Christian churches and shrines. For example, tourists show the remains of Roman tanks, in which, the Bible Jesus turned water wine.

  2. bethlehem. It is a city Christmas Christian savior. The main attraction of Bethlehem - a Church of the Nativity, which is very similar to a fortress.

  3. Haifa. It is the third largest city in Israel, where is the cave of St. Elias the Prophet.

Israel hotels

At Hotel, which are located on the territory of the country, no "by star" habitual classification. "Star" hotel assigned to tour operators on the basis of objective assessments of the conditions of stay. So, for example, hotels 4* does not provide for a pool. It is present in the hotel with 5*. But, regardless of hotel classification, service in each of them is at the highest level.

Before planning a trip to Israel, если надо оформить загранпаспорт без прописки, should deal with this matter in advance. After all, the procedure of registration of this document for the citizens, who have Russian citizenship, but no local residence, can drag and.

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