Tourism and recreation in the Dombai Valley

Numerous guests Dombey come annually from all over the, to relax on the beautiful ski resort. Незабываемый отдых в Домбае дает возможность почувствовать ощущение свободы, enjoy plenty of mountain air,admire the beauty of the mountain peaks of the Caucasus, Do not forget to spend the days spa vacation. They come here on weekends, go on holiday, travel on weekdays, travel, to spend a vacation or an important event, travel to festivals and competitions. Dombay resort has long been considered the most popular holiday destination in the Caucasus. Valley surrounded by mountains with unusual terrain and scenery worthy of the artist's brush. Winter is warm and the snow, with bright warm sun. Fans of speed and downhill skis come here, getting the opportunity to freely ride, enjoying a good track. Tourists, relaxing and taking spa treatment in the local health centers, breathe clean air and hot admired pristine nature. Almost all resorts have to offer to fans of skiing and extreme sports not only paved highway, but the steep slopes are not run-runs, and for beginners equipped quiet ski area. The rental items you will find any equipment for a successful skiing. Today resort Dombay - well-developed infrastructure of tourist business, mnogonomernymi with hotels and small hotel. The resort is able to simultaneously receive and worthy to serve a huge number of tourists. One of the most famous health resort and sanatorium complexes Dombey - "mountain peaks", located in the vicinity of the Teberda Reserve and welcomes guests all year round. It is built next to the cable route. It offers its tourists a large heated swimming pool, боулинг, billiards, tennis, rental of horses. Sanatorium "Dombay Palace» - Gorgeous place for a good holiday. It was built with the use of modern materials and architectural innovations. Its unusual design reminiscent of the structure of the Imperial era. The spacious rooms with antique furniture, luxuriously equipped bathrooms. A good restaurant and a hall with hookahs. Not far from Dombay-Ulgen river are sanatorium complex "Selena", with comfortable double cabins and "Taula". Near the resorts are chair lifts and cable runs. All complexes have a bar and a disco, and billiards, and sauna with birch firewood, and sauna, and a large swimming pool, and internet. Most of the sanatorium complex built near the cable cars and ski lifts. Each resort Dombay resorts have their own dining rooms and restaurants. In the evenings, in most resorts, discos. Dombay resort has a great variety of hotels and hotels with various price and comfort rooms. But all the resorts share one thing - comfort and warm reception. Welcome to the resort Dombay!

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