Diverse tourist China

China is increasingly attracting the attention of tourists. About the local tourist treasures speak more, and offers really are becoming more diverse. However, giving "tidy" amount forflight, discerning traveler wants to get the most fun and excitement.

How to choose a tour?

First question, of course, - financial. If you want to save or for the first time to meet with China, to discover a new direction, then choose the latest offerings in China. However, if you have already decided, exactly what you want from a holiday, it is necessary to consider other proposals.

In China, there are many natural attractions (the most beautiful place is the whole province - this Yunnan, a place, where are grown for sale worldwide tea), and diversity of architectural monuments can only envy. Cultural program can also be for decades to come - and still do not see "all China".


first trip, According to many experienced travelers, to include Beijing and Shanghai, two capitals, and further - Hangzhou. An alternative option for beginners to get acquainted with the country - is Beijing - Xi'an and necessarily - Mount Huashan. In Beijing, almost all travelers are advised to spend the day and visit the Great Wall (and that parts of Simatai and Badaling). Greatly facilitate travel to pre-book tickets for domestic flights, and the cost of hotels 15 dollars per night - and to 500. For customer! Also interesting are the weekly routes, who prepare the organization. They are already included almost all the tourist possibilities, which are available in a particular city.

Сладкие острова...

Hainan - This is an amazing island for those, who appreciate complete relaxation. It is a place with a tropical climate and a full range of services for spa lovers and the industry relaxed, leisurely holiday. heels you "tickle" Local fish Ruff gara, and in the cozy establishments have a massage or spend stone therapy, aroma- and other procedures. Additionally, in Hainan really ready to take care of the leisure traveler. It is already open and has a museum of shells and Butterfly Garden, Park South Mountain and many other attractions. Besides, on the island traces of volcanic activity, and the road to the volcano Ma Anh paved with volcanic magma. By the way, curious tourist can look directly into the mouth of this giant. And if you want to try all the exotic Chinese miniature, "adaptation" for tourists - the best thing is to go to Hainan.

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