In Egypt from Russia

Today, Egypt is one of the affordable beach resorts. Most of the tourists in a hurry here, to soak up the warm Egyptian sun and feel the atmosphere of the mysterious East Europeans.In Egypt, created excellent conditions for children's activities. So, famous resort of Hurghada with manicured sandy beaches ideal for family holidays. Rich in Sharm El-Sheikh is more typical for the rest of noisy companies and large youth. The Red Sea is a magical treasure trove for every diver. Unique underwater world is able to enchant with its colors absolutely any diver. And, of course, worth seeing a real miracle, which has survived to the present day - a pyramid of Cheops. Not the best time for rest period is late March to early May. At this time there prevails a pretty strong wind hamsin. This desert wind, which provokes sandstorms. Therefore, for the rest it's not exactly a good time. В связи с этим поездку на море в Египет из Казани следует планировать учитывая все нюансы климата и сезона. Many of the beaches in this country are attached to luxurious hotels, which is very convenient, because they are well-equipped, and beach service is usually free. To date, the Egyptian resort - is developing a network of comfortable hotels. Pleasant is the fact, that the number of Arabs is increasing every year, who speak in Russian. For curious travelers there are a variety of excursion programs. Topics, who give their preference Sports, Hurghada allows windsurfing, because in this place almost all year round wind. Egypt is among those countries, which boast a versatile tourist destinations. They will be of interest to children, and their parents. Поэтому горящие туры из Казани на морское побережье имеют неплохой спрос. All children are welcome here swallow diverse pleasures carousel. In addition, in this country can make good purchases, and especially, if we can get to the seasonal sales. But to get acquainted with the culture of this ancient country better, though, in the winter time, when there are no strong heat. In Egypt, the spring comes in March. In the summer the heat can hide cruises on the Nile. This country attracts thousands of visitors with its fresh breeze and sand.    

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