Oslo – northern city!

Oslo - it is the capital of Norway, located in the south-eastern part of. 100 km Oslo Fjord, which includes Oslo, considered to be a great place for tourism and recreation. The local port is very popular, and tourists come here every day by ferry from different cities in Norway and Denmark. For an introduction to the city center and its attractions will be enough bike or even on foot, because it is very portable. The city has many hotels of different levels, wherein the quality of service at a high level. Breakfast is often included as a gift. Always worth a try ethnic cuisine. To do this, the best places are considered restaurants, located on the waterfront of Aker Brygge in Oslo. Cheaper restaurants can be found in the quarter Grenlend, but the quality is inferior or middle. Shopping best deal on the street, Karl Johans Gate. Along the pedestrian street are shops of many top brands. Norwegian designers shops are located on the eastern shore of Akerselva. Among the interesting destinations include the sculpture park Vigelandsparken. Free admission and 212 sculptures await the curious tourists daily. In Oslo, the following is interesting museums: historical, Norwegian People's, museum "Fram" and "Kon-Tiki" . Very exciting is the Viking Museum and Maritime Museum. If the traveler will get a guest card Oslo Card, it will allow him to free admission to many museums and other tourist spots. Such categories of citizens as students, students and seniors are offered a decent discount. Throughout the year, hosts various opera and theater shows, Concerts and Festivals. The new opera in Oslo - it is possibly the best place in the world to visit the opera or the ballet world scale.

16 thoughts on “Oslo – northern city!

  1. Rada

    An incredible number of opportunities for relaxation with the use of. Liked the idea of ​​guest card, that will save money for sightseeing in Oslo. Would not refuse her husband to cycling in the places of the capital, and see immediately obvious is that!

  2. Dmitry

    Northern cities for the most part are very compact. And Oslo in this case is not an exception. That's just life in Norway is too expensive. Sure, Local residents receive appropriate wages, and tourists (to attract them) make good discounts.

  3. Юрий

    Very much like to visit the Viking Museum and the Maritime Museum in Oslo. Long heard, that there is something to see.

  4. elena

    Fond of skiing, and I know, that Oslo has a ski museum, which exhibited different types of skis, from ancient times to the present day. It is located in the north-western part of Oslo. It would be desirable in the future to visit this museum. And generally take a walk around the beautiful places, go to a different museum exhibitions, concerts, фестивали.

  5. Adiana

    It is necessary to get acquainted with new technologies, are applied in, everywhere there are solar panels and solar collectors, in public buildings autonomous life, for a European city – rare so hard to monitor the environment, overall cleanliness – so the rest will take full enjoyment without the negative impressions, and if after a day of sightseeing will force, There are many clubs on a partying until dawn.

  6. supersonic

    Scandinavian northern capital. I have long wanted to stay there, learn the culture, visit the Viking Museum. In addition, the city is very clean and beautiful. There are many natural colorful landscapes especially near the coast.

  7. SergeyUa

    Chic city for the winter holidays. The city has a huge number of museums and historical sites. Many speak about Oslo, as a city for lovers of skiing and snowboarding. I would like to add, I just need to visit the many museums in Norway to study music culture. It is no secret, that musical preference of young people of Norway are quite different from international standards. So, for example, Norway is very popular this style of music, as Black Metal.

  8. Mihaylenko

    In Oslo, one of the world's highest standards of living. I would not say, it's a good place for traditional, in our understanding of, recreation, nevertheless Scandinavia. But, undoubtedly, the city is beautiful and the view that it is. Again, city ​​for excursions, not to relax.

  9. РоманБ

    The coolest – it is a museum and the Vikings “Kon-Tiki”. But the sculpture garden is not totally impressed.

  10. Gattini_Nerini-5

    So would like to visit the museum “Fram”! After all, it is dedicated to the memory of the Fridtjof Nansen, great traveler, researcher and a man of great soul! Believe, that one day my dream will come true!

  11. Eugene Komarov

    Очень хочется побывать в Норвегии, особенно в Осло. Друг неделю назад приехал и поделился впечатлениями. Оказывается здание Оперы сделано в виде глыбы льда, так же посетил Нобелевский центр с великолепным музеем. Для любителей музеев их целая куча. Generally, когда будет отпуск, обязательно съезжу.

  12. Anna

    Who was in Oslo?do not tell, где и как приобрести карту Oslo Card? Заранее спасибо!


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