Scenics Adygea: as the rest real men

We have a joint business: I and my father. Year-round like a squirrel in the wheels spinning. Constant case is filled every day. When the work output without, you realize, that rest at least once in six months, you need to.Long-term stay, you know, We can not afford, week has a maximum. Business is business, none of you current affairs will not solve. My father and I are very fond of outdoor activities, lie on the beach and sunbathing - this is not for us. father's army friend, every year relaxing in the Krasnodar Territory in Adygeya. We also highly recommend. Дал нам ссылку на сайт, This e-mail address of the hotel "Mountain Adygea". It is there that it stops every year. The main secret of a good holiday - it is a good preparation and planning. So we pre-booked this hotel room. In addition, we were met at the airport and taken straight to our temporary home - all as agreed. Adygea we were met by torrential rain. I had the first day to sit in the room and watch TV. But on the second day the weather is frankly pleased. Breakfast and go to a mountain river Belaya. I was struck by the power of, pressure, bubbling water stream. More than this, Batya we have not refused to test their strength and went down on the raft White. I think, that every man should be a hobby, for us, now they became rafting. In addition to fun, we get more and good physical load. After such a battle with the water element, I feel real man. Here it is a very beautiful place, a buffer zone after all. My dad and I decided to still visit the famous gorge Guam. It is a huge depression depth 400 meters, and instead it is a waterfall, cave, grottos. Rocks are clearly visible, what to say, I need to see with your own eyes. Time has flown by very quickly. leave, as there was no, it's time to leave. But, but as the rest - just great, otherwise you will not name. the air is clean in these places, full of springs, and what else is needed for health and relaxation. I understand now, why people regularly come to these places. As for me personally, I even forgot, the existence of nightclubs and discos. I did not want any beer, no chips, no other "strong drinks". As for the material aspect, the prices are acceptable. We not only met the rest is allocated to the budget, but still a little left. Dad decided to come in winter, skiing, here speak good ski slopes. And can, and my mother persuaded to go. Igor Drozdov. Samara

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