Shopping in Greece

Greece - a country with limitless unparalleled opportunities for shopping. In every city and town has shopping streets, mainly located in the center, here you can find everything, what you need,from Greek catalog production to global brands. This huge supermarkets and small shops at all, offering souvenirs and a lot of different opinion melochey.Po tour Mouzenidis Travel most major trading cities are Thessaloniki and Athens, in which a huge number of shops and stores. [caption id="attachment_18681" align="aligncenter" width="450"] Athens, Греция.[/caption] Arriving at the shopping in Greece, it must be remembered, it is a Mediterranean country, whereby there is a daily rest, and consequently, Stores are closed at this time. Although there are shops, who work without a break. For example, supermarkets and department stores mainly with radobayut 8 am to 9 pm without lunch breaks. But the small shops have a break, which usually begins in the 2.30 day and ends at 5 pm. Bezpereryvny schedule stores acts only on the threshold of Christmas and Easter. Basically they go to Greece for coats, because in this country you can buy high-quality mink coat at an affordable cost. Learn reviews of mink coats from Greece, you can online As for mink products, if you want to buy a quality coat at an affordable cost, better to go to the big cities, wherein during sales. After all, it is thanks to sell-you can get exactly, what you need and at the same time save a lot. Кстати, on sale, you can buy not only products and mink fur, but also other clothes, and carpets, dishes, jewelry and much more. Season of discounts in the summer starts in July and lasts until the end of August, winter as sales start in January and end of February. Also worth noting, then if you are planning a good shopping, then at the end of sales is better not to go, since this time there is one unmarketable, whereby you just arrive with nothing. Furthermore, many people come a little earlier start of the sale and ask the seller to postpone until the beginning of the discounts you favorite products. In these matters the sellers mostly go to meet customers and lay the model you like. tour experts hope Mouzenidis Travel, this article has given the answer to your question on, when to go for shopping in Greece. Successful you shopping!

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