Several options for the budget traveler

Recently, my friends and I very rarely had taken off hotels abroad, mainly to rent an apartment through Airbnb website. I will dwell on it in more detail and discuss, how I use it. Before that, we used the services of only two sites - HomeAway и Holiday lettings. We trusted them, They liked us. They never let us down. Все, we shot, always goes well, without any problems. What is good on these sites, unlike Airbnb, you already have the owner of the data directly. When you are going abroad, you are given a phone number, and you can negotiate with the tenant: call or send email. Many may say, that these sites are not particularly cheap, there are other ways to rent an apartment abroad. For example, free Listings - greylisting. Or you can look directly through Google ads. But, probably, for the Russian people the most important thing - is security, so I'm free listings of these are not particularly trust. Just there were cases, when some people filmed cheaper, but then they had problems - the apartment was not free or something else. Therefore, I recommend these two sites, I have personally worked with them and rented apartments. Правда, price here may be a bit overstated, as owners, placing the apartment here, pay for it, to their place (a month or a year). When do you want to rent a cottage on Braslav Lakes, you do not need to pay the full cost. First I write email, I find the right area or neighborhood in any city. I find ten apartments, and write each one and the same message, changing only the names. If I liked the apartment, be sure to inform, I need (eg, the Internet, free parking). Also always write, to give me the best price. Me no one has ever denied, always held all good, I was given a discount. We rented apartments in good locations, where all, we wanted, It included. I wrote positive reviews about the places, Apartment, where we stayed. The most important thing, when you are a tenant through these sites, you do not need to make any additional payments, as you negotiate directly with the owner, site takes no hidden fees. It was very convenient to do it. Why we went to these sites to Airbnb? When I was looking for an apartment in Portugal, many apartment owners have become ill to answer me. Suppose, ten response to a request comes from only one. I began to search for new sites, some alternative methods. In this way, I stumbled upon a website Airbnb, I saw it and decided to try. Register here for free. Did not accept me in this site the only time: in the beginning you are dealing with the owner of the apartment is not directly, and via the website, which charges you a percentage of after, you book the apartment. As all this is happening? This site is there in Russian, but the description of the apartments is in English, since housing is abroad, so it is worth the automatic system. If you are looking for an apartment abroad, it is better to do it in English. You must first register. This can be done for free through facebook. I recommend everyone to have it, If you plan to use foreign sites. It is very easy to save time. one click - and your data is on Airbnb. For example, we already know, when and where we need to go, choose - March, Nice (France), two guests (you can select any number) and press "Search". Be sure to check parts of the city (at least about), which is not terrible to stop. Usually I go to different forums, to read this Wikipedia, To view, What are the main points of interest. I mostly read Russian forums, because all of our people are usually important, that there was a security. I did not even ask any questions, it's all there on the Internet. You can not register any public forums, but just look, that other people write, and already have an idea.   Svetlana Dalidovich. Journalist site Правило первого въезда в Шенгенскую зону  

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