independent travel: particular training

The acquisition of new experiences is not easy, but very exciting, especially when it comes to the organization of independent travel. People, plans to go to vacation abroad, often resort to the help of travel agencies, who for a fee can arrange a trip of any complexity. But it is expensive and not as interesting, What can be said aboutindependent travel, the organization of which falls squarely on the shoulders of tourists. First you need to collect detailed information about the country, which is scheduled for the next vacation. Particular attention is paid to its location, climate, currency, traditions and transport links. Once the issue with the selection of the country will be resolved, you can begin to visa. You can do it yourself through the embassy or, For assistance, contact the travel agency. With regard to costs, in the first case will have to pay only the cost of the visa, and the second more Tour companies. If you do everything yourself, as a rule, for the embassy of the country requires a visa tickets, both there and back. Для поиска и бронирования авиабилотов по приемлемым ценам рекомендуем воспользоваться системой Скайсканер. Помимо визы у путешественника должен быть готовым заграничный транспорт и медицинская страховка. Accommodation selected, on the basis of a dedicated budget to rest. It may be cheap hostels, one - or two-star hotels, apartments, etc.. Поиск подходящего варианта можно произвести на сайте бронирования гостиниц по всему миру When choosing a hotel on the site you need to consider such things: Does the selected set of pre-payment for reservations, if he withdraws funds in the event of failure, and how many days you can refuse to stay in it, to avoid financial losses. Upon completion of the above items begins the most interesting and important stage of the organization of independent travel, which is in the planning and calculation of the route. First you need to decide on the form of transport: on a personal or public transport. In fact, the choice is wide, from hitchhiking and ending with air travel. It is recommended to use a combination of all possible options. But in any case, you will need to take care of the purchase card or atlas of highways. Particular attention should be paid to independent travel gear. It should not be a holiday and uncomfortable. All clothing, taken from a, should not hamper movement and cause discomfort. Therefore, when it is selected in the first place to look for comfort, and only then the beauty.

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