Male look at the perfect trip, or Where to go with her beloved, to please him

We offer you eight of the incredible ideas, where to go with your favorite, because he wants.

Apple Headquarters, Cupertino, state California, USA

Very few people lucky enough to personally visit the "holy of holies" Apple Corporation; it is considered one of the most closed in the world. And, nonetheless, committed to guided tours. So if you manage to get inside, can be considered, you really lucky!

Grand Prix "Formula 1"

Any kid knows by heart the names of legendary pilots "Formula" - Niki Lauda, Ayrton Senna, Michael Schumacher. Many even grown men willing to do anything for the opportunity to be a witness to the amazing spectacle - a flying car on the track.

Hobiton, New Zealand

Деревня Хоббитов, Новая Зеландия. The land of hobbits - charming place! It was here that Peter Jackson filmed his cult series "The Lord of the Rings". If your partner - a fan of Tolkien, such a trip he, undoubtedly, like. Сайт ostrovok отзывы о котором вы легко найдете в сети Интернет, will help you to book a place in the hotel, even in such a remote corner of the planet, like New Zealand.

Soccer World Cup

Boils adrenaline, wild enthusiasm, feeling of triumph, team feeling, the joy of victory - the widest range of emotions, where men are missing in everyday life. The opportunity to watch the World Cup "live", rather than on TV - this is a dream. Give your loved one his dream.

Spaceport «Baikonur», Kzыl-Ordynskaya region, Kazakhstan

As many as 6717 m. km for the launch into space. With 1955 g. "Baikonur" cosmodrome is the busiest on the planet, annually since it soars over 20 missiles. This is still a top-secret facility, but to the joy of tourists, committed to guided tours.

Tatooine, Tunisia

Tatooine would have remained unremarkable town in southern Tunisia, if in 1977 g. George Lucas is not here took his film "Star Wars". go there, and you will have the opportunity to see interplanetary home - exactly, as the home of Luke Skywalker from the "Star Wars".

Diving in Antarctica

Believe, or not, but this white and deserted continent also sometimes takes tourists. Truth, organized tours are terribly expensive, но... Dive from the coast of Greece or Egypt and everyone can, but if a lot of people can boast, that dive off the coast of Antarctica?!

A big wave

Surfing on a huge wave, the size of a five-story building, - entertainment for this extreme. We can recommend you to Hawaii - namely,, Banzai Pipeline. Although, this place is considered to be deadly even for professional surfers, the number of those wishing to try their luck growing every year.

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