Riddles and Peru attractions

Peru attracts tourists with its mystery. Arriving here, Even seasoned travelers are frozen in mute amazement, seeing the temples of Machu Picchu or geometrically correct figures Nazca. Addition, Peru lives third of the animals, known to science. And this country - virgin jungle, ancient Indian settlement, as well as deep canyons and Lake Titicaca, earlier is integral to the ocean. Перу.Among travelers Peru is famous, there you can buy many different souvenirs: Shawls from the wool of llamas, warm socks, etc.. And this state boasts a wonderful climate. On the coast of Peru, warm all year round - the temperature ranges from +16 до +25 degrees. Покупая туры в Перу http://tourexpress.ru/countries/peru/tours/, people can count on a cheap and comfortable stay. Local hotels for quite reasonable money offer guests a comfortable and cozy rooms, environment which meets international standards. Even the hotel with three stars there can boast a decent food and spacious rooms. Peruvian attractions are divided into 2 type: natural beauty and heritage of extinct civilizations. Arriving in the country, tourists are rushing to see Pisac - the ancient fortress and the city, where once lived the Incas. In its vicinity are the ruins of strengthening, in the old days, defending the entrance to the river valley. One of the most famous attractions of Peru is the Nazca desert, located between two rivers: Naska and Inhenio. This stone plateau, decorated with drawings of incomprehensible, which can be seen from the air. On the plateau depicted animals, human figures and birds. The most beautiful city of Arequipa is Peru. In this village there is an old cathedral, Monastery Convento de Santa Catalina and other famous monuments. In the 180 kilometers from the city is the deepest canyon in the world - Colca. Despite the influence of Europe, Peruvian cuisine has preserved its identity and diversity. In different regions of the country has its own culinary traditions, but common to all is the abundance of local food yams, garlic, pepper and corn. Meat in Peru eat different - and lamb, and beef, and pork. In the Amazon valley and the coast are especially popular seafood and fish. One of the favorite local dishes is fish, well marinated in lemon juice with numerous spices. There is also demand of potato dishes.

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