Holidays in Norway

Norway can hardly be called one of the most popular tourist destinations. It is easy to explain the, that the country is a bit isolated from the rest of Europe. But having been here once, it is very difficult not to fall in loveLake, the woods, diversity of landscape zones, fjords and ski resorts. About Norway average tourist does not know much, so before you go to this amazing northern country, make a route in advance, comprising landmarks, noteworthy. Caught in Norway, the first step is to go to Oslo. The capital is not only the mainland, located on the fjord, но и 40 amazing and incredibly beautiful islands. On the streets of the city reigns cleanliness and atmosphere of appeasement. Here you forget about the hustle and pressing issues, enjoying the tranquility. The main street of Carl Jung is a concentration of large number of ancient monuments. Here you can admire the Royal Palace, Cathedral, Parliament building and the Town Hall, where the award ceremony is held annually by the Nobel laureates. The greatest attention is enjoyed Akershus Fortress, which keeps a history of the development of the Norwegian nation. Посетив магазин горящих туров и выбрав для себя наиболее выгодное предложение путешествия в Норвегию, not neglected by the real pride of Oslo - Viking ship. Fans of entertainment will be interesting to look at the local amusement park - Tusenfrid, where fans of extreme rest will get an unforgettable experience. Norway - a paradise for lovers of skiing and snowboarding. And for the sake of Holmenkollen ski jump here attracts athletes from almost all corners of the planet. But Norway is not only interesting as their capital. Also noteworthy is the city of Bergen, who is ready to open for tourists the unique world of the fjords. Overcoming numerous rocks, diving in the bays and going for a drive on a boat, You can explore each of them. This can become an unforgettable adventure. Addition, Traveler is able to interest the city itself, because it is recognized as one of the most ancient in the country. The origins of the history of Bergen takes in the XI century. It is possible to find a building, dated to the XII century. It is about the ancient Romanesque church, made of soapstone. It is interesting to visit the castle and Hokonskhallen, which keeps the secrets of medieval Bergen. Be sure to walk around the city streets, each of which is unique. The narrowest of them is 1 meter, while the widest - 19 Metres away. In Bergen, you can even come across the street, which consist of only one house.

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