attractions Ubud – amazing area of ​​Bali

fg5se42cv83ghn4 Bali - a small island in Indonesia, which attracts thousands of tourists with its wonderful nature and many cultural monuments. The island is divided into small areas, each of which is unique. The cultural center of Bali, Ubud is recognized as the area, located north of the airport. Going on holiday in туры на Бали из Ташкента or any other city in Uzbekistan, you should definitely go on an excursion to Ubud. Locals talk about the island, that the original area was called Ubada, which means medicine, as it is here cultivated herbs and plants.

attractions Ubud

Royal or Imperial Palace - the ancient castle known as Puri Saren. Some of the rooms of the palace occupies the royal family, tourist entrance to the premises is prohibited. Every day in this beautiful place hosts various performances with national Balinese dance. Another amazing place on the island is a monkey forest. The forest can be reached through 3 the entrance to the ticket office, that work to 18:00. Tourists should be careful, because monkeys are not the most good-natured animals and may attack, if they consider, that they were in danger. Visitors to the park is not necessary smile, showing teeth or talk loudly. Sami forest dwellers are so accustomed to tourists, which is practically not pay attention to them, and fit only to those, Who brought something delicious. The park is famous for not only animals, but also stone sculptures, located along the trails. In Ubud you can enjoy not only cultural attractions, but also natural. Tegenungan waterfall located in the southern part of the island attracts many travelers. Many visitors do not fit to the waterfall, and enjoy a view of the parking lot. Attention should be paid and the elephant cave Goa Gajah. The cave itself was created as early as 11 century. Entrance into a very unusual, because it represented the mouth of the god of the earth Bhoma, which according to legend repels evil spirits. Inside the cave there are small depressions, where previously meditating hermit, now they represent little figures of gods and offerings to them. Shoppers will enjoy the art market, located directly opposite the Royal Palace. On the market you can find anything, scarves, shirts, bags, decorations and more. products, presence on the market, It is made in the surrounding villages and is better, than in other areas of Bali. Ubud is the perfect place for nature lovers and cultural activities.

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