In the Urals

Ural majestic, красивый, handsome. Divides Russia into Europe and Asia. Beautiful scenery and great cities. Every traveler will find in the Urals something like. Get just enough - by air (in all major cities of the Urals there Airport), by train (along the same Trans-Siberian Railway), by car (the road not to say, very good, but quite bearable). So, the desire to see and feel, what is the Ural - there is, what's next?


Ekatirenburg-57324 The capital of the Urals (but also Russian rock) - Yekaterinburg. If you decide to come here by plane, then meet you name Akinfy Demidov Airport, founding father of the mining industry in the region. Trans-Siberian Railway runs right through the city, almost in the center (during construction it was the outskirts, but the city has grown so, that the railway was just two kilometers from the main city square). Ekaterinburg multifaceted, all mixed together here: rock, industry, religion, skyscrapers and old ramshackle hut. You should definitely try the dumplings - favorite dish Urals. From the sights to the compulsory attendance recommended Church on the Blood, built on the site of the execution of the royal family; at the Church operates a museum, where you can see the objects, related to Emperor Nicholas II family. In good weather, visit the observation deck of a skyscraper, "Vysotsky"- the whole city from there at a glance. Ekaterinburg is close to Nizhny Tagil, with a population of 350 thousand people, wherein arranged 31 industrial enterprise. If you climb on the Fox hill in the city center, кажется, that Nizhny Tagil surrounded by a ring of plants, the smoke that enveloped him from all sides. But there is something, it seems at first glance, quite incompatible with the severe city: in the City Museum of Fine Arts is stored Raphael canvas - the only, which can be found in Russia outside the Hermitage.


Chelyabinsk pick you up factories chain, towering above the river Miass. The image of the stern of the city is not accidental: everything in this city with character, with metal, with the rod. Even love is immortalized in Chelyabinsk as ironwood.


Ufa - special, colorful city. You should definitely try Bashkir cuisine (especially Bashkir honey, I am proud of the local- it is really very tasty), listen Kurai- national instrument, which is made from the dried stems of a plant called Ural rebroplodnik, plunge into the life history of the nomadic peoples. Ufa- very large city in Russia, per inhabitant 698 square meters of City Square, you are sure to find, where to walk.   Of course, Urals many more cities, which are definitely worth a visit. But the nature of the Ural edge is not worse. Here and in the mountains, and rivers, и леса, from the breathtaking beauty! For example, in "Taganay" National Park has hiking trails, which will be mastered and child, and there are those, which won already experienced hikers. In any case, you will be rewarded with amazing scenic views of nature. Arriving to the Urals, you're bound to fall in love with him, and understand, Ural why youth stole. Note: Albatross offers a service Аренда автобуса в любом направлении from 800 rub. / Time.

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