Dubai: amazing place among the concrete and sand

Dubai - the most developed and modern city of the United Arab Emirates, where high technology are combined with elements of antiquity. If you are planning to visit Dubai for the first time, The рекомендуем you move away from the standard views of this stunning city. Today we tell about the most interesting places of the city, where it will be interesting to go to both adults, and children.

The National Museum in the fortress of Al Fahidi

National Museum Think, that Dubai - it is only modern hotels, luxury boutiques and design in hi-tech style, very rash. This is confirmed by the museum, located on the site of the old military fort, where anyone will be able to plunge into the long history of the emirate. Stunning Assembly expensive silks, ornaments of gold, silver and utensils not leave you indifferent.

Neighborhood Bestakiya

Bestakiya area Bestakiya - one of the historical places of the city, where people lived, related to trade and the sea. Nowadays, on the streets you can see the structure 19-20 century carved towers, serves to reduce the temperature in the housing. Among the most important buildings in Bastakiya is a gallery of the Majilis, the old Fort and Beit al-Vahil. Walking through this area will allow you to enjoy the flavor of oriental streets.


Zoo in Dubai If you have no idea what to do with your child, be sure to take him to the zoo. Among its inhabitants can be seen as a tiger, monkeys, and quite rare representatives of fauna of the desert surrounding the city. In addition to communicating with animals, you can always take a stroll through the landscaped grounds of the zoo and a meal in one of the many cafes.


Aquarium in Dubai After visiting the zoo with children, definitely worth seeing Aquarium, located in Dubai Mall. The largest aquarium in the world, which was introduced in the record books. Its waters are home to over thirty thousand fish and deep-sea animals. The aquarium is built in such a way, visitors can enjoy a breathtaking spectacle and take photographs, passing through the tunnel, laid across the length of the aquarium.

beach park

Park Al Mamzar in Dubai Do you want to relax and spend a day at the sea? Then Park Al Mamzar - the perfect place for this. On its vast territory was located just five equipped beaches. It offers children's playgrounds, exercise area and swimming pools. Entrance to the park will cost you 5 dirkham, polzovanye facility, deckchairs and pools paid additionally. Near the beach there is a free municipal area.

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