Tours and excursions along the Kola Peninsula with the company Nord Stone

Company "Nord Stone" It invites all who wish to make excursions along the Kola Peninsula. And you do not have to take a heavy backpack and carry it along the rocky trails and passes, sleep in a tent and cook on a fire. after the tour,, you will spend the night in a comfortable hotel with all the amenities, sleep in a soft bed with blankets and pillows and eat in cafes or restaurants in your own kitchen. In this case, just one week you will see all the most interesting places of the peninsula in historical terms, and exciting nature of this beautiful northern edge of the country. You make a lot of photos on the memory and get an interesting movie with your participation. The company Nord Stone created in the summer 2016 year, This year will mark three years of its existence,, but it has already received a lot of positive feedback from customers and has established itself as a reliable organizer of interesting trips and excursions along the Kola Peninsula. Summer offers such tours:
  • Ecological and ethnographic tour, duration of one week with a visit to the village of Sami (ancient indigenous people of the peninsula) and abandoned tunnels. You will see all the plants growing in the Arctic and meet with minerals, which are mined in the Khibiny.
  • Lovozero tundra - a tour of the mountain lakes, passes and circuses Hibin jeep with overnight stays in a comfortable hostel in the city of Kirovsk.
  • By Hibino and White Sea - the tour introduces the stunning nature, mountain passes waterfalls, tundra plants and minerals Khibiny mountains. Complete tour 3-day trip by minibus along the Tersk coast of the White Sea with a visit to the ancient Pomeranian village Varzuga, ancient wooden churches and unusual labyrinth.
  • Weekend stay - a two-day tour with interesting theme trips on off-road vehicles the most beautiful places Hibin, to the waterfall and snow circuses, with an overnight stay at the property.
In winter for skiers and snowboarders offers accommodation in a hostel with all udobstavmi, conveniently-located just a few minutes from the ski slopes. Hostel more area 450 m is designed for 2, 4-x and 6-The native accommodation in. There is a ski storage equipment Rumm, a dryer for clothes and shoes, public kitchen (45 m), fully equipped, living room (55 m) with armchairs, sofa and TV. Nearby in walking distance there are cafes and shops. More information about the actual program for the near future экскурсионных туров на Кольский полуостров, as well as see photos- and vdeo- reports on previously conducted tours can be via the link on the company's website "Nord Stone".

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