on their city trip

How well people know the city, in which they live? If you look at some research, we can see, that the majority does not know banal things about his hometown. Therefore, I would like to offer during the holidays or vacation not to fly on the sea or other resort locations, and carefully examine their city. But it does not mean, you need to sit at the computer or laptop and open the tab "Wikipedia". It is necessary to arrange a full tour of the city. How to do it? Let's see.

City Tour

First you need to make a list of attractions or just well-known places in his hometown. Burn them to a piece of paper (successively). Next comes the fun. A leisurely walk along the beautiful places, and the admiration of urban landscapes. The first: Exit the house and go to the first place in the list of attractions of the city. As soon as you reach, go to the next and so on, until it closes the circle is, and the traveler will not return home. There is a question: "What is the essence?», like this way you can explore the city, if you go to those places, who already know. The answer is simple, during a walk worth taking a look around and learn unfamiliar places, on which there is. Possible to photograph them and to learn more about them on the Internet. the main thing, it is to walk from place to place, rather than travel by public transport! This tour will help you learn more about hometown, and this tour can be arranged elsewhere, which I love to go. This is absolutely a budget option for recreation. What is there is the rest? In, that whole day tourist does not particularly busy, no mental and physical stress. A simple walk and fresh air. And on the go even discover something new for yourself, like it sounds great. Rest of the family affairs and vanity at work. It can be carried out just such a tour at the weekend, not necessarily wait for the holidays. Walking gives time to focus and gather my thoughts. This tour can be carried out not only in solitude, you can call friends or as a family walk around the city. There are even entire quests around the city, but they already include charades and signs, which you need to find a place in town. On the Internet there is a special site, where you can select городской квест from a variety of options in your city, go it alone or with friends, learn a lot of new information and get a lot of emotions, as well as the real prize. Тут уже нужно будет включить мозги, and possibly a smartphone. But still it would distract from daily affairs and concerns. Will give a cheerful mood and increase energy boost. Sea photos and funny memories fill the soul. But the most important thing, it is certainly the greatness of the city. No matter day or night to carry out this tour. the important thing, that place, in which you live to deliver a lot of fun and interesting historical events. Incidentally absolutely it does not make sense in a big city or a traveler living in the village. Each place has its own excellent, wonderful and preserved the history and monuments. To develop and to learn something new is never too late. Always worth striving for self-improvement and knowledge of our world. All knowledge ever be useful in life. So boldly going on a journey to a meeting of adventure and knowledge!

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