Russian tourists have told about alternatives to holiday in Turkey

Vice-president of the Russian Union of Travel Industry Yuri Barzykin in an interview with the voice of the radio station Moscow advised Russians, where to go on vacation instead of Turkey.

Barzykin said, that tourists should look at the other countries of the Mediterranean. First of all, he recommended Cyprus and the Balkan countries. Turkey can also change Italy, The Dominican Republic, Greece and South-East Asia.

Earlier, it became clear, in Antalya, Turkey hotels reservation stopped because of too high demand. Turkey is on the 16th place in the ranking of the most congested states tourists.

Recall, that this season more 80 Russian tourists were killed during the holiday in Turkey. Были названы главные причины гибели российских туристов, а в конце сентября засол РФ в Турции Алексей Ерхов обсудил препядствия безопасности с властями Антальи. reported, Since October, the international flights of Turkish airlines will be accompanied by "air police".

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