Holidays with the smartphone. Which aggregators help to get dream trip

summer services, allowing to organize your holiday, become the most popular. All are actively booking, looking for the best fares for flights and train trips. Even bus transport in this period are very popular. Naturally, that services, providing services to find good deals at the point of destination, many interested. Booking, Airbnb, Trivago - the list can be replenished indefinitely. One of the Russian aggregator is a service "Travel".

Traveling with the assistant

Find the best prices for tours, гостиницы, flights own hard. The best thing, on the views of experts, use aggregators. They compare the prices of a large number of sources, and take into account the shares with special offers, viewed including the web sites of partner companies. The main advantage of aggregators is that, that you can buy all together as a, and separately, as well as have the opportunity to purchase tickets and tours without commission. In addition, on sites such helpers can be issued and insurance for traveling abroad. And, demonstrate how research and measurements, such an option at this point is resonating with travelers in mind with pleasure. So, for example, Russian service "Travel" showed an increase in half compared with last summer,, and 78% users of the site went to this year's tour in Russia.

additional Features

Aggregators are able to provide to its customers and additional prizes. So, service "Travel" is supported by the mobile operator Tele2. In this case, the platform is available to all, not just subscribers of mobile operator. But some prizes are only at the company's clients. So, for example, they can receive keshbek for purchases: 1% the price of the ticket, 4% from the cost of the hotel and tours. Their return to the mobile phone bill. The total size of the rose keshbeka 14% in comparison with the same period last year. The largest keshbek earned traveler from St. Petersburg: ticket purchases on vacation, he received 3500 RR. In July and August, as shown by the data aggregator statistics, 78% site users went on trips to Russia. It's on 5% more, than last year. In 2019 by tourists chose mostly Krasnodar region. Members were selected from Moscow to St. Petersburg and Ekaterinburg. The greatest activity when planning travel chose Moscow inhabitants, Northern capital, Chelyabinsk, Kazan and Irkutsk: the share of these regions accounted for 70% Members area. Вопрос-ответ Топ-20 туристских направлений России Интересный факт: women planning to travel more often. It is they who have made more than half of purchases. Families with children opted for the western and eastern coast of the Crimea, Krasnodar Territory, as well as the resorts on the Azov Sea. The average check for the hotel reservation was about 25 000 RR. If we consider foreign destinations, the greatest demand Samarkand, Tel Aviv, Larnaca and Athens. "Implementing the strategy lifestyle enabler, Tele2 makes the ecosystem of digital services to its customers and supports their lifestyle. Travel - one of the lovers of leisure options for our subscribers, confirming Statistics: the amount of traveling customers grows every year. This summer the number of subscribers of the operator, went abroad, increased by 20%. Topics, who likes to discover new places and get to travel a maximum of, will like the service "Travel". Its users can not only save on service charges for the purchase of tickets and booking of tours, but also to get keshbek ", - said Director of Strategic Development grocery satchel operator Oleg Reshetin.
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