Kiev mother of Russian cities

Currently, the largest city and capital of Ukraine, located on the Dnieper River. according to the chronicles, the city was founded in 430 Year. Во второй половине 9 Century, power was seized by Prince Oleg, after which he proclaimed, that Kiev - the mother of Russian cities.


In Kiev, the climate is temperate continental, quite comfortable for residents and tourists. winters are mild, snow falls. Spring and autumn are warm, dry, mostly sunny weather are. During the summer, the swimming season begins, August is the hottest month, but the water surface of the Dnieper and abundant greenery, It makes it easy to transfer heat. The maximum temperature in summer reaches +23 degrees, and in winter not lower -3.


Comfortable transport is the metro network, thanks to it you can get to the most remote area of ​​the city. There is also a ground transportation in the form of buses, trams, trolleybuses, taxis. Public transport tickets can be purchased from the conductor, driver or at a kiosk at the bus stop. It is possible to rent a bike or rent a car.


The most famous place in Kiev - Motherland. Monument erected in 1981 Year, his dedicated people, taking part in the Great Patriotic War, who became heroes. Sculpture surprised by its size. It is located in the park, which can walk and escape from the city. Kiev-Pechersk Lavra - a grand religious, architectural monuments of Kiev. The oldest monastery, erected in 1051 Year. scenic tower, Temples, Church - that all this is known, this point of interest. It is also recommended to use the services аренды теплохода in Kiev, from the company RentFlot - you will have an unforgettable walk along the Dnieper! Pyrogovo - village, existed from 17 столетия. This is the most beautiful place. You can visit the Folk Life and Architecture Museum, which is located right under the open sky. Opportunity to get acquainted with the cultural monuments and sights. Botanical Garden Fomin - one more beautiful place, which is especially beautiful in spring, when everything blooms and blossoms. Here you can see lots of plants, there are even exotic.


visiting Kiev, it is necessary to get acquainted with Ukrainian cuisine. The choice in many restaurants and cafes, where you can try the dumplings with different fillings, from cheese, ending with mushrooms. A must in the menu list is Ukrainian borsch, Chicken Kiev, fat.

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