How to be deposited at the airport seized in the inspection object?

Transportation Security Regulations forbid to bring into the cabin a number of things. Many passengers do not know, that can be, and can not take with you in your hand luggage or baggage.

Confusion appears also due to the fact, that there is not a single document on aviation security, which would use all airlines of the world, since there are rules, the International Organization, and there are those, which operate inside the country, at the airport, or in a certain airline.

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What to do, if preflight inspection found illegal things?

In order to not seized thing, should contact the airline or the security officer and asked to leave her in the warehouse storage of seized during the pre-flight inspection of things. Then you will need to draw up a contract for storage, and seized item remains at the airport until your return. Storage conditions at different airports may vary. For instance, Sheremetyevo storage of seized items for free 30 day or days of the signing of the contract.

If prior to departure is a lot of time, things you can not deposit. You can return to the front desk, to pass the subject, illegal to carry in your hand luggage, in luggage, mourners give things or take them to the car, left in the parking lot.

How many things are kept withdrawn? 

During storage of seized things spelled out in the contract. So, for example, Sheremetyevo Airport, in accordance with the Treaty criteria, not approved for flight in the course of inspection items and substances, illegal for air transportation, The passenger can get back no later than 30 day or days of the signing of the contract. Vnukovo things stored 60 Days. If the holder of such items is not announced in the period of their storage, then at the end of the term they will be disposed of.

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How can I get hired for temporary storage of things?

Issuance of seized items to the passenger or any other authorized person on the basis of the documents submitted: 

— an act of detecting and seizures;

— contract storage of things seized from passenger;

— passport or other identity document;

— power of attorney (in a random form) for other persons.

Where to send the confiscated items, not surrendered for safekeeping? 

Service disposes of seized things aviation security. Its staff should conduct disposal, which is as follows: All items, including piercing and cutting items, placed in large bags, packaged and closed with special seals. Then they are burned or destroyed in this way, that they become unusable for further use.

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