Island Olbosh, or else the British style – Холбокс, is located near the northern part of the Yucatan Peninsula. Located in the Gulf of Mexico, and is separated from the mainland by a small lagoon. Size of the island are not great – width of 2 kilometers and 12 kilometers long, but almost all the way around the island are excellent sandy beaches. In Mexico, nobody will be surprised beautiful beaches with crystal clear water, therefore attracts tourists to the island is not what.
It is here, annually during the summer, you can swim with whale sharks – the most exciting and big fish on the planet. These fish have a giant size – To 18 meters in length and weighing up to 12 tons. Sharks swim to the island every summer, and feed on plankton, so for the people they are absolutely safe and does not even aggressive. This adventure is the main, What attracts the island Olbosh.
In addition to swim with these beautiful creatures there, surprise the tourists. Of course it's wonderful quiet beaches and wonderful azure sea. Also, tourists are attracted by the opportunity to fish in Cape Katoche, where there are waters of the Gulf to the Caribbean Sea. A huge presence of plankton attracts the fish and you will have a good opportunity to catch swordfish and barracuda, and possibly snapper.
Another interesting place is the Valley Yalau. Here you can swim with the dolphins and touch the sea turtles. Also, you are sure to meet the white ibises and pink flamingos. Swimming in fresh water cenote-Yalau will finish off visiting the lagoon.
All tourists should not forget, that the island will only accept cash and there are no ATMs. Getting to the island Olbosh possible in a small plane from Cancun, or else take the ferry in the harbor Chikila, but it will take a lot of time.

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6 thoughts on “Amazing island Olbosh!

  1. РоманБ

    As for ATMs – You did it, warned that. Now many people are used to driving in comfort, with the minimum amount of cash and card in his pocket.

  2. Илонна

    Одного фото с китовой акулой хватит, чтобы всю оставшуюся жизнь хвастаться перед друзьями.

  3. Ludmila

    For me, this island Olbosh associated with paradise: unusual color sea, wonderful sandy beach, comfortable climate, the chance to swim with sea turtles, observe pink flamingos. All this attracts and draws, it is a pity, that we are far to get to this wonderful island.

  4. elekoshka

    Swimming with sharks? Вот это понимаю отдых!Природа острова конечно потрясает.

  5. Sergei

    Возможность порыбачить я бы не упустил. Тем более что за рыба люциан, я ещё не знаю(хотя рыбак с большим стажем). Да и с дельфинами поплавать не отказался бы.

  6. Sergei

    Остров и правда удивительный, можно сказать три в одном, отдохнуть в дали от континента, поплавать в чистейшей воде, и конечно же для меня самое главное рыбалка, да еще и на экзотических рыб – super.


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