Who can get a mortgage under 6.5%

Mortgages for most people - this is one of the ways to buy a new home. Today on a preferential program, which was launched in May 2020 year, there was a unique opportunity to take a mortgage under 6%. Difference between rates (market and preferential) will be paid by the state. This program is supported by such banks, like VTB, Sberbank, Agricultural Bank, Alpha Bank, Gazprombank and others.

Mortgage lending conditions under 6.5%

There are no restrictions on the cost of housing in accordance with the program, but there are restrictions on the size of the loan, вернее, by its maximum value. - For Moscow and Moscow region, Petersburg and Leningrad Region loan amount is limited 12 Million. rub. - For the rest of the country - 6 Million. rub. Buying property in the region for 10 Million. rub., the difference will need to be covered by the buyer.

If the buyer expects a preferential 6.5% lending, then by condition he must make an initial payment in the amount of 20% of the value of the property. Buying an apartment for 5 Million. rub., the down payment will be equal to 1 million rubles. To pay it, you can connect maternity capital, but only if, if the child is over 3 years old.

How to get a soft loan

The stages of obtaining a concessional loan are no different from standard practice:

- A package of documents is being collected.

  • Заполняется бланк заявления и подается в банк, who has to make the final decision.
  • Составляется договор, defining aspects of buying and selling real estate.
  • Оформляется страховка.
  • Заключается договор с банком о льготном ипотечном кредитовании.
  • Вносится 20% an initial fee (the calculation is based on the market value of housing).

Once all stages have been completed, you can register the purchased housing in the ownership.

What are the requirements for borrowers

The right to preferential treatment 6.5% any citizen of the country has lending, regardless of his social status and position in society. the main thing, to have Russian citizenship.

As for banks, participating in the program, then they present their requirements to the borrowers. When, if the borrower has an unimportant credit history, it is unlikely that the loan will be approved.

What property can be purchased

  • Если кредит по 6.5% taken to buy an apartment in a new building, then the developer must be a legal entity. Suitable as under construction, and commissioned houses.
  • Под льготный процент нельзя приобрести квартиру на вторичном рынке жилья, private house or plot.
  • Покупка дома или участка может происходить по сельской ипотеке с минимальной процентной ставкой.

When can you expect a rejection?

The borrower can be refused in the following cases:

  1. Bad credit history.
  2. Low official income.
  3. At the moment there are outstanding loans.

Banks aim for profit, therefore, they do not want to work with non-binding and insolvent clients. Participation in preferential mortgage - this is a chance to become the owner of a new property and save a little.

More details about, как взять ипотеку под 6,5 percent you can ask the experts at the link given


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