In this country enough deserts, driving along which a large number of miles you can not find anyone.
The highest statue in the world – is a statue of a horse, which is situated in the State. Also, the capital of Mongolia, Ulan Bator is rightly called the coldest in the world, wind then blows constantly and is cold.
Perhaps the most interesting fact is that, that the woman in this country is more important men.
Since Genghis Khan – founder of the Mongol Empire, it is erected in honor of a considerable number of monuments. Golden Whip is located near the capital's airport.

Monument Sukhbaatar in Ulan Bator is the first national monument.

The ancient city of Karakorum is, not far from the present capital, Now there can only be observed ruins.
Natural history museum - the most popular in Ulan Bator, It is visited by many tourists, collection, we can say, embodies all, that there is.

To go to this desirable state in August, at this time there is established a good weather.
The locals are very nice to tourists, especially Russian. However, be careful with your belongings, tk. in a country street theft is very common.

В Улан-Баторе, Mongolia's capital, advised to visit the Gandan - Monastery, built in Tibetan style. Friendship Park, Мемориал Зайсан, and the Center for Cultural and religious heritage Zanabazar – it's all the attractions of the capital city, which necessarily have to see with your own eyes.

For those, Who knows the story in all its directions just be sure to visit this country you can walk around the ruins and touch the most ancient monuments.

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4 thoughts on “Amazing Mongolia!

  1. Olichka

    A beautiful country with a decent story. For a fairly large area of ​​Mongolia has a low population density, so that it can stay on in some areas do not meet a soul.

  2. Богдан

    Keep! The country's history is very rich, and, most importantly – people out there still support her clothes, music and behavior in national style.

  3. Nikolai

    Очень интересная страна для путешественника, хотя климат не самый комфортный и необходимо оформлять визу. Интересно еще и то, что уже не первый год Монголия по уровню экономического роста опережает даже соседний Китай.

  4. РоманБ

    Многие турфирмы настоятельно не рекомендуют уезжать далеко из Улан-Уде. И не из-за каких-то опасностей – в степи почти нет дорог, можно потеряться.


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