How to choose courses 1C?

1C business software is the most common in Russian enterprises. Many positions require the ability to work with him: accountant, HR department employee, storekeeper, logistician, clerk, secretary, leader and others. Specialists, working with this software, should regularly improve their skills, as the manufacturing company improves its IT products and periodically updates software versions. To choose курсы 1с necessary in accordance with the profile of the department, in which the employee is, and with job responsibilities, which he performs.

Choosing an educational institution

Particular attention should be paid to the choice of educational institution, since the quality of educational services is largely determined by the status of the institution. Under other satisfactory conditions, preference should be given to a state university, organizes advanced training courses in its own training center for additional education. In this case, the student will receive a high level of services and a state certificate, confirming the successful completion of courses. When choosing from non-state companies, offering courses 1C, you need to make sure that you have certain permits. First of all, the training center must have a license to conduct educational activities. Besides, the level of qualifications of teachers and the fulfillment of other requirements, presented by the manufacturer of this software to training centers, must be certified, issued by the company "1With".

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