The famous resort of Israel – Haifa.

Haifa - the third-largest city in Israel, and the second by size seaport. Located at the foot of Mount Carmel, which covers the city from the east and south by the winds, and it covers the spur of the harbor from the westerly winds and frequent storms in these areas. The city's name can be translated as " shelter or safe harbor ". Its history goes back to Roman times, the V century BC. Initially, the site of Haifa there was a Jewish settlement, later (XI век) settlement became a major population center and an important port on the importance of the Mediterranean . The Mediterranean climate and location make the city the most warm throughout the Mediterranean coast. Rainfall period lasts from November to April. The most "cold" the month of February, average temperature +15 degrees. In summer, the air warms up + 30. The water temperature ranges from +17 before + 27 throughout the year. On the coast of the south-eastern part of the city there are numerous beaches, and with them a variety of restaurants and cafes. There are also "wild" пляжи, but they are also very clean and well maintained. Find your hotel in Haifa can afford any tourist, as well-endowed, and having a modest income - They then have from two to five stars. In Haifa, there is much that is worth paying attention to, which is only Karmelit - underground funicular which provides communication between the port, the center of the city and Mount Carmel. You can also look at the Bahai Gardens and Shrine of the Bab which were marked by UNESCO or the cave of Elijah the prophet, located on Mount Carmel, there is a monastery of the Order of Carmelites. Near Tel Aviv has an international airport, Ben-Gurion, ottuda to Hayfы about the time Putin poezde. Train travel in Israel is very well established and connects almost all the cities together, which is very convenient. Bus traffic is not worse than the established, in Haifa, there are two bus, North and South. There are also taxis (Monitki) and a regular taxi ( Монит).

5 thoughts on “The famous resort of Israel – Haifa.

  1. Eugene

    Beauty and grooming, As in other cities in Israel! Underground funicular – it is very interesting, skating on the air, but on this has not yet happened!

  2. Ludmila

    Haifa is striking for its unusual greenery and clean air. And most importantly his hospitality.

  3. Ludmila

    Haifa – beautiful city, that is the dream of many to visit. Personally, I am attracted to the cave of Elijah the Prophet and the convent of the Order of Carmelites, but still a great service and extraordinary cleanliness and order!

  4. Olaya

    Знаю об этом городе из юмористического произведения В.Кунина “Ай гоу ту Хайфа” и еще с момента его прочтения хочется побывать там. А посмотреть есть на что, красота города просто необыкновенная!

  5. РоманБ

    It's really more of a resort, чем исторический город. Так что если Вам нравится пляж и море – Вам сюда…


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