Going to Bulgaria!

Even in the times of the Soviet Union, our citizens went on vacation just to Bulgaria. This southern country attracted the attention of travelers from Russia like language, religion, culture, beautiful Black Sea beach, and of course the important fact was, that before Bulgaria can reach not only the usual plane, but other modes including a car, because it is close enough to Russia, plus it can save money. If you do decide to fly to Bulgaria, ie the two versions. Want to southern resorts, it is necessary to fly to Bourgas Airport, the northern - Varna Airport. these planes are flying out of airports all sufficiently large cities of the country. On the northern resorts of the swimming season is shorter, than in the south, but there is also a plus, Kojima is, that on the northern beaches you will not face the stifling heat. Chances are when choosing a resort in front of you will be a question: "Golden Sands and Sunny Beach?", and so, Both resorts are designed for young people: party all night, endless noise, uproar, these are the main terms. Hotels in Golden Sands modern and richer, than on the Sunshine Coast, but naturally you will satisfy Beach, There are beautiful forested hills. At both resorts, sandy beaches, but they are a little wider on the Sands. Summarizing say, that both the resort created just for the young.

6 thoughts on “Going to Bulgaria!

  1. Nikolai

    Good country Bulgaria. Pleasant prices, delicious cuisine and an almost complete lack of language barrier.

  2. РоманБ

    In principle, You can now, there is a good climate in autumn… But it's better in the summer.

  3. Olaya

    Хочу съездить в Болгарию на автомобиле. I think, что получится отличный отдых и экскурсия. Привлекает то, что не очень далеко, но все же уже другая страна. Еще в детстве дружила по переписке с болгарской девочкой. Может смогу ее найти.

  4. Ludmila

    Нигде нет такого чистого песка как в Болгарии, он действительно золотой, и очень мягкий климат.


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