Good old Germany!

Germany and the tourists become duo, which has been tested in history and one in Germany vremenem.Popav, every tourist falls in love with this country. The impressions you get even without getting into the country itself, because even in school textbooks on history tells about the sights of this country and the famous castles and the Bavarian Alps, can and does rave life. Берлин - the capital of Germany, this city, which houses the country's history. The museums, of which there are about 140 pcs, experienced Germans left their expertise. If you do not like to visit museums, you can pass the time in the local pubs, in Germany there are about fifteen hundred. Lovers of opera, You should go to the Opera House, their truth in Germany three, and rather hard to choose what to go. Want to take a stroll on the expanses of Germany? That Spreewald welcome you with spacious roads. But, however, walk to these places you will have a boat, since the streets, as if it was not unusual,- this water channels. Bundestag The city is just saturated with antiquities: famous castles and Bavarian Alps, Charlottenburg Palace, mausoleum - full of mystery and history. It is necessary to walk past the Brandenburg Gate. The Brandenburg Gate is the city card. Gates also called the "Wall of reconciliation" and they are located between the western and eastern parts of Berlin. Every year in Berlin film festival. A large number of tourists come here to the beginning of the festival, To take part in the premiere of the film.

5 thoughts on “Good old Germany!

  1. Shout

    Really, who will visit Germany immediately fall in love with this country, this is a country founded, to go there for a vacation with your family, we loved.

  2. Ludmila

    Germany is a very peculiar architecture, it can not be confused with any other country. But it must be seen with your own eyes.

  3. Luda

    I think, it is not necessary to go to Germany, to visit the local pubs, but to admire the interesting architecture, castles and museums, of course, be sure to visit this country, and more than once. I have a list of must-have amenities included and the picture gallery in Dresden.

  4. РоманБ

    Germany has many faces, Yes, there were plenty of old cities, but they coexist, and organically, with cutting edge. And there is some order in the streets – there is much to learn!

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