What to buy in Holland tour?

Tourists in the Netherlands buy: tulip bulbs, Dutch cheeses, wooden shoes- кломпы, фаянс или фарфор из Делфта, Diamonds. The world-famous Dutch tulips can buy, having traveled especially for this tour on one of the farms, growing beautiful flowers, and can be purchased in Amsterdam, in many stores sold tulip bulbs in the pack with a colorful photo of a flower and name of the sort. For cheeses and klompsami coaches carry in Volendam - a small fishing village in the old Dutch style. Here you can see a workshop for making wooden shoes and cheese factory. In the Netherlands, a lot of varieties of cheese: Гауда, Edmer, Edam, Mimmolet, Маасдам, Бемстер, Stolveyker, They are made from cow's and goat's milk, smoked or moldy, aged or immature, with a red or yellow crust. All these varieties can be bought in the store, sell special souvenir sets- small round heads of different varieties, in colorful packages, the mantle, price of about twenty-five euro. Shoes are sold in gift shops, the price depends on the size of, within thirty euros per couple and this is a real wooden shoes, which can be transformed to suit. In the town of Delft for nearly four years, there is a painted earthenware factory, painting style is similar to gzhel. Here you can see the process of making tableware and figurines, Getting it manually like in the old days. A small museum at the factory, but exhibits interesting, Here you can also buy products factory: crockery or china, but everything is hand made of porcelain dish three times more expensive faience wares. Back in Holland go for diamond jewelery, Amsterdam has a museum of diamonds, You can also go to the factory for the production of diamonds and make a choice of product.

6 thoughts on “What to buy in Holland tour?

  1. РоманБ

    Сыр, by the way, меня разочаровал – не люблю такой. А вот фарфор реально классный.

  2. Eugene

    Сыры моя слабость! Интересно можно ли их в сохранности до дома довезти?

  3. Luda

    А я являюсь большой поклонницей голландских сыров, поэтому с удовольствием бы посетила эту страну, чтобы попробовать всевозможные сорта их сыров, заодно и кольцо с бриллиантиком можно выбрать.

  4. Alexander

    Голландия всегда славилась и славится тюльпанами и сырами. Но еще множество туристов едут посмотреть на улицу Красных фонарей. Но еще страна славится лояльным и узаконенным отношениям к сексменшинам и наркоманам. Это не пропаганда, а просто констатация современных фактов.

  5. stopnakip

    Сыры и фарфор это хорошо, but what sort of beautiful flowers!!! Not only tulips, and roses and many other! And nature will leave no one indifferent!

  6. Shout

    The best thing, like me, Souvenirs from Holland, This tulip bulbs, каждый будет доволен такому подарку, ведь именно этим славится больше всего Голландия.


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