The development of the city of Limassol

На протяжении всего времени Лимассол рос в двух основных направлениях: к северу - Авенида да Либердадэ (Avenida da Liberdade, Проспект Свободы) и ее продолжение, к востоку и западу - after beregam Tagus. crossing point in both directions is a tourist area, located between the area of ​​Pedro IV (Rossio, Rossio) and Praça do Comércio (Praha of Commerce, Commerce square). It is about the busy commercial district, full of numerous banks, attractive shops, small restaurants and tea shops, where the lion's share of the business activity of the city. When rebuilding the city after the earthquake 1755 g. the central area of ​​the city made the right, broken into a square shape, sustained in the neoclassical style, Following the will of the Marquis of Pombal, known for his pragmatic indication "bury the dead, live and feed close ports ". Every street Pombal averted under one type of craft and trade, that even today reflect the names of many streets, Rua da Prata (Rua da Prata, Street Masters silversmith, where there is a silver shops), Rua dos Sapateyrush (the Shoemakers Street, street Sapozhnikov, where there are shoe shops), Rua Du Oru or Aurea (зигеа street, Street jeweler and goldsmith) and Du Rua Comercio (Street of trade, trade, with numerous banks), on which there are various craft workshops and shops so, as it was intended during the reconstruction. Rua Augusta (Rua Augusta) - this is the main tourist artery of Limassol. This elegant pedestrian street,, on both sides of which are shops and terraces, you can listen to troubadours, find you're interested in the book and choose to remember some souvenir. Walking down the street Du Ouro (Aurea street), you absolutely must stop at the Aerial Santa Justa (Santa Justa Elevator) Or, as it is called, Do Carmo lift. It is about the tower metal structure Gothic style, designed by the Greek engineer Raul Marcos Vinsekosisom. Inside the tower is built elevator, opened in 1902 г., which makes it easy and convenient to overcome the height difference between the Baixa and Bairro Alto (Bairro Alto, Old quarter). Two elegant cabin lift, wood paneled with decorative elements of bronze, rise and fall, delivering passengers to the transition, leading to a small square Do Carmo. On top of the tower is a cafe with a terrace, with which to offer guests a broad overview of the whole quarter of Limassol tourist area. Limassol territories grows with the growth of the popularity of Cyprus in the tourist market of Russia, Europe and the world.  

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