How to spend New Year in Finland

Finland is a great place, to spend the New Year holidays, and he has earned the title of the "Christmas country". holiday atmosphere reigns here everywhere: Christmas tree, Garlands, souvenirs for a Christmas theme. For the Finns this holiday is the most long-awaited and joyful, and they conduct a thorough preparation for it. Children will remember not only a trip to the residence of Santa Claus, which is called Joulupukki. They are waiting for a variety of winter activities, including recreation at ski resorts, slides, snow sculpture, fabulous performances for young children, Sledging, horseback riding in a fantastic snow-covered forest. [caption id="attachment_3580" align="aligncenter" width="650"]Office of Santa Claus in Finland. Santa Claus office in Finland.[/caption] In addition to Finland, there are many different attractions, such as the visit to the museum "Arktikum", located a Rovaniemi, combining the museum with a science center. His specialty is the study of the Arctic. Visiting the "Arktikum" you can enjoy the sight of the famous Northern Lights. In addition, Museum is a great place where hold meetings and conferences, with a restaurant, a library and a gift shop selling handmade items. Another interesting place for visitors - This zoo Ranua. This zoo is located in the street, and it has 60 Polar species of animals including polar bears, lynx, foxes, reindeer, martens and many other. This zoo is one of the few places, where captive breeding polar bears.


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