Лазурное побережье Франции(прогулки по улочкам старой Ниццы, отдых на песчаных пляжах Канн)

Holiday in France at the resorts of Nice, Каннах, Higher

French resorts - a place of rest for the most experienced traveler. What do you think: "Why do tourists from all over the world, hurry to visit this romantic country?"What draws them to the resorts of Nice, Канн, Vichy and other fabulous places in France? Each region of France is unique and diverse, with their traditions, customs, kitchen, and sometimes with its own language. Amazing nature makes traveling a vivid and memorable. The capital of the Cote d'Azur - a resort town Nice. Founded by the Greeks, but it belonged to the Italians as much as five centuries. After joining the French, Napoleon III in 1860 year, Nicca razvivalasь, as a tourist center. Aristocrats and members of the bourgeoisie were the first pioneers in the "development" of resorts. Walking through the streets of old Nice turn into an unforgettable holiday! The cozy taverns you can enjoy the many varieties of cheese, black olives and eggplant, sweet pepper and fish. At the flower market with scents of roses, Jasmine, roses and mimosas. This is a place for romantic nature. Cannes - City of Festivals, luxury yachts, palaces. And no one would think of, that this was the usual aristocratic resort village. Now, is the resting place with sandy beaches, Gourmet kitchen. The resort of Cannes all set up for a luxurious high-end leisure. The township of Juan-les-Pins striking beauty of sandy beaches and pine forests. For the first time this beauty praised the son of Queen Victoria, as far back as 1881 year. But it was an American jazz made the said place of rest, famous all over the world. With 1960 , in Juan-les-Pins hosts international jazz festivals. In Juan-les-Pins length of the coastal strip 24,5 km. It is the longest in France, and the purity of its beaches and the transparency of sea water were estimated high sign "Blue flag". The town has Europe's largest zoo, oceanarium. Water park rides demonstrate the skill of its inhabitants. Romantic town of Saint-Tropez, with its heavenly climate, first chosen artists and writers, and in the 30s of the last century, renounced for the sake of his beloved from the throne, are settled by English King Edward VIII. Also, Brigitte Bardot, who devoted his life to protecting animals, permanently moved to live "in the best place in the world". Here is the most famous beach - Pampelonne - resting place of world-famous celebrities. Monte-Carlo - Resort-zdravnica. Qualified medical professionals have earned worldwide fame to this center. The course of treatment is individually designed for holidaymakers, for each. It includes hydro, seaweed wraps, Mud baths, Shiatsu Massage, reflexology, and many other procedures. Yes! France st istinu rayskiy ugolok the plan! Visiting her and otdonuv the resorts of Nice, Каннах, Higher, good mood and memories of the holiday will not leave you for a long time.

For dessert - видео отдыха в Ницце http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OwpO9l1mKKs

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