Signing the contract for purchase vouchers

Signing the contract for buying trips

Everyone knows, that at the conclusion of the contract when buying a package holiday it should be read carefully. Consider, on which items in the contract should pay attention when reading to him:

1. Does the name of the seller (full and abbreviated) with the name in print.

2. Must attend the actual address, Register number, assigned to the tour operator, on it you can check the availability of a license.

3. Compulsory liability insurance for tour operator. Address and details of the organization of insurance, providing financial support.

4. Price permits in rubles. Total amount.

5. Complete information about the tour: route, conditions and the seat of the, program, Hotel, food and other.

6. The duties and rights of the parties.

7. Terms of the contract changes.

8. Terms of cancellation of the contract and how to resolve differences between the parties in.

Be attentive to every point agreement, If you are confused by one of the terms of the contract, discuss this with the company lawyer. Do not sign a contract when buying trips, If you have not studied it carefully.


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