Vacation in Paris

Paris is not only the capital of France, but also the most beautiful cultural, economic and industrial center of the country. If you choose to spend your holiday in one of the most romantic cities in Europe, you would not be disappointed. Vacation in Paris among the most beautiful sights, on high 65 meters above sea level, surrounded by fine buildings and architectural masterpieces, fill you with a lot of positive emotions, but a small part of Paris will always remain in your heart. Paris is one of the most visited cities in Europe. So many world-class attractions can be proud of the city. The most famous of the local attractions, is the legendary Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral and Arc de Triomphe. But these buildings are just one of the cultural landmarks in the history of the city. After all, besides them there Eliseyev field, Louvre, the famous "Disneyland Paris", легендарный музей Орсе, Montmartre unique and modern business district of Paris, consisting entirely of skyscrapers - Defense. In addition, here is the cradle of cinema - Boulevard des Capucines and the most popular theater in the world - the Moulin Rouge. What can we say about the walks along the Seine river, composed poetry about which the greatest poets of the past. All of the sights of Paris is, so it is considered a museum city and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. By seredinы XIX centuries chair France was a typical European city with narrow streets and low houses. However, 1852 year, French statesman - барон Осман, almost completely remodeled city. Destroying entire neighborhoods and streets branch, he expanded the avenues and added a large-scale area, thereby relieving the center of Paris and adding lightness and grace of its streets and neighborhoods. Feature of the architecture of the modern capital of France, are clearly defined lines of stone houses, by neoclassical, so characteristic of the new era of bourgeois. On the streets of Paris many shops, retail shops, Supermarket, bars, cafe, restaurants and hotels of varying quality, for travelers who prefer a comfortable stay and the middle class. Of edible institutions, most popular, among Parisians, and among the guests, use self-service restaurants. They are good, that the quantity of the food here is not limited, and the prices are not distinguished by their high cost. Camping in France can not be of poor quality, Paris and represents the face of the whole country. Therefore, going to Paris, can forget about everything and just having fun.

For dessert - смотрите видео обзор отдыха в Париже

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  1. elena

    Действительно Париж, это романтический город. Мне понравился музей Родена! Beautiful city and very nice people.


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