Отзыв о горнолыжной базе Каракол (Киргизия)

Ski Karakol (Киргизия)

Ski Caracol is located in the small town of Karakol, not far from the regional center of Issyk-Kul in Kyrgyzstan. The resort is located near the lake Issyk-Kul.

After arrival at the airport "Manas", you can easily take a taxi to get to the Kyrgyz capital of Bishkek, which is 30 kilometers from the airport. From the capital can take the bus Bishkek-Karakol.

Then you have to choose where accommodation, You can book the hotel, guest house or rent an apartment. Range of accommodation is great and you can pick out, you'll have to afford. So, price gostevoй Domik of RDBMS Karakol on fevrale 2010 year is about 350 rubles a day with one person, and in hotel - 1000 RR. Also, should take into account, you will need transport, which will take you to the ski slopes. The city itself is located at the bottom within 10 km from the base. Therefore, will need to order a car, that in the morning you will be able to take back to the place, and in the evening to bring to the city. It will cost from 600 catfish ( exchange rate 1som - 200 RR).

Very convenient to stay in a hotel or cottage, who are at the track. But the prices are a little different from the urban, for example, in the new hotel "Caprice" the price per night 250 USD with breakfast.

For dessert - видео горнолыжной базы Каракол http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3-Kwf4xL0aA

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  1. Наталья

    Thanks for the info. Do not know, that in Kyrgyzstan there are ski kurorty.Moi friends just looking for places, where they do not skate



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