Where to go for New Year holidays.

Where to go for New Year holidays

New Year - this is a traditional Russian salad, Champagne, "Home Alone" on TV and much more, from year to year, turning into a well-established habit. However, the tradition is sometimes good and disrupt, in what became convinced many of our compatriots, who chose to go to the New Year holidays in Europe.

What is the advantage of such holidays? Firstly, you will not be a headache about cooking a holiday table and entertain guests; Secondly, get an excellent opportunity to visit many European cities (Tour operators have prepared a variety of programs for tourists); thirdly, this is the perfect family vacation, because such a trip for the New Year holidays mean time together throughout the rest.

Alternatively, You can go to Austria to ski resorts. Many tour operators say, that gradually builds a list of people, Austria has repeatedly chooses for its New Year holiday. Nothing surprising in this: fine hotels, fresh air and skiing - is not it a great choice? The perfect combination of quality and price can Austrian resorts preeminence of this type of holiday - This is confirmed in recent years.

Although the main focus of trips for the New Year are the ski resorts, actively selected and excursions, which travel companies also abound. Winter in France is quite favorable and is located for a trip, because vacationers go on tours of the French cities, among which stands out in Paris. With the help of online portals can advance to schedule something for themselves individually, or inquire about any useful services in Paris.

Just unabated demand for Prague, after a trip to the capital of the Czech Republic is not too expensive, and the architecture of the city in the winter becomes a special shade. And for those, who want something a little more sophisticated, proposed trip to the Principality of Monaco with a concert, or Thoth gf Paris, which will be a costume party, perfectly meets the Christmas mood.

Venice and Florence do not lose their popularity even in winter, as the romantically minded travelers always have enough, New Year and Christmas is no exception. These Italian city, though less popular, than Vienna, Paris and Prague, but have a steady flow of tourists. However, it should be remembered, it is not necessary to choose a program with a major city on the type of Paris; plenty of places in Europe, where you can comfortably in a unique atmosphere to celebrate the New Year, which you will remember more often, than of Salad and a glass of champagne.

Dessert for today - video, SandArts!!! Happy New Year!!!


2 thoughts on “Where to go for New Year holidays

  1. Catherine

    Yes, I would like to see the tradition of celebrating the New Year of some European city. It will be remembered more accurately, than the traditional family dinner under the chiming clock.

  2. elena

    I'd much rather see the New Year in Venice!! Yes, recently to celebrate the New Year outside the country is becoming more and more popular among our countrymen.


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