Christmas Fair Shtitselmarkt

Christmas - a family holiday, which everyone wants to meet in warmth and comfort. On Christmas Day give gifts to your loved ones. The traditional symbol of Christmas in every country of the world is considered tree,ru, а также вкусные рождественские угощенья – разные шоколадные конфетки, пряники, пончики, блинчики, творожники и другие вкусности. In Germany 1434 year, Dresden, the central Altmarkt Square Christmas Fair held Shtitselmarkt. Every year the fair attracts more than 2 million. People from different parts of the world. Thus the number of tourists can boast only Vienna. In the middle of the market is the tallest Christmas pyramid in the world, and even high Christmas tree. The real symbol of Christmas in this country is a snowman, which is set in the same. Around the atmosphere of celebration and happiness reigns. Interestingly, what more symbols of Christmas in Germany are those sculptures, as a man of prunes, Nutcracker and miner. In the center of the fair is always a great scene, where all guests can see the fabulous views and interesting dance performances,ru. A huge calendar in the form of fairy-tale castle is very interesting talks about the time, which goes on throughout the year. He stands in the center of the square. Fair is famous masters - craftsmen, which make their crafts throughout the year, and then put them up for sale during the fair. People from around the world acquire them as souvenirs for themselves and their loved ones. Traditionally, at the fair, you can enjoy dishes of the national German cuisine - this Dresden Shpola, and roasted chestnuts, as well as the men and creamy delicious chocolate figurines. All these dishes are considered dessert, but the festival is also famous for the, that all guests are treated to free hot German sausages, and strong drinks - a traditional punch and mulled wine. Skilled craftsmen happily made a variety of Christmas decorations - it's arched chandeliers, and vertepы, and famous men smoking. Throughout the fair held fascinating competitions, где можно По всеобщему мнению каждый человек, who came to the fair, definitely feel the friendly attitude of the people around him. During the holiday the whole territory of the fair held fascinating competitions, where you can compete in the agility and speed of reaction, on the accuracy and strength. The most amazing thing, that you get a prize from the hands of the fantastic character. Such holidays can be remembered forever.    

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